Monday, 15 July 2013

Waking up to a cranky boy in need of a good run. Expend that boundless energy. A quick picnic is packed, sisters asked, both decline recovering from a 40th blowout. Car is loaded with boys and equipment. Taking off feeling melancholic and frustrated. Drive the windy country roads slow down for sharp corners and large tractors. Two boys sleeping. Park make a call to offload. Feeling better. Boys awake and ready. Climbing on 120 year old trees and inspecting fungus. A play on the slide a stroll up a forest path. A wander into a miniature house and a secret hideaway. A roll on some green green grass. Some time with the littlest one. 

A drive home admiring beautiful rolling hills and little houses. Woodstock is where the heart is. An invite to dinner a relax outside in the balmy long evening. Pyjamas on off to bed. More adventures to come.


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