Live simply

A busy morning. Two boys to organise. Mother feeling tired, looking forward to a break. Spirited Sister and a miscommunication arrive. Argument erupts. Tension in the air, children absorb. Car packed, air lighter. Another trip south. Rest, in a busy lobby, people and their baggage offload. Arrival of a friend, a friend that knows. So much to say, not much time to explain. Interrupted by small boys expressing artistic talents. Crayon on expensive chairs. A warm hug farewell, throats with lumps. Not wanting to let go. The past holds together a bond too strong to ignore. A race home for pick up time. A beautiful smile from a sunshine face. All cousins together, eyes kept busy watching mischievous elves. Truth hurts, love remains. A need to stay true to blame. Busy lives, tired and complicated minds. 
Striving to “Life simply so all may simply live”.

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