Cobwebs disturbed

Cobwebs disturbed, bumble bees confused. Fresh gusts of mountain wind feel their way through the heart. A three year old refusing to wear clothes, showering in the cool rain. Two toddlers poke and prod each other. One testing another. A yellow bus with a ghost driver fly across a wooden deck. Destructive boys momentarily distracted from their tug of war. Mamo’s patchouli sanctuary upset by chaos and noise. Broken glass and naughty corners. Patience tried and tested. Fractures begin to appear. Five glorious minutes of cuddles with a baby and a boy. Boy missing Daddy from this cosy circle. Sloppy kisses from a scrumptious silent but deadly nephew, melting butter never to be seen. Hard to resist, big swimming pool blue eyes magnified behind round glasses, tousled red curls and one single dimple of cheek! 

Papa arrives by train. Too polite to disturb. Oblivious people, blind to strengthening muscles in training. Poodles and handbags before people it seems. Tantrums, over icecream, dinner, and everything else. 

Cracks visible to Papa’s observant mind.

Peace at last. With a hug and some tickles the once young girl is restored and content. 

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