Dancing Feet and Bursting Hearts

Reconnection like time has never passed. An important reminder of a history I had once forgotten. Strong foundations laid down many years ago. Foundations built to last, to teach and to remind. 
Sweet memories, breathless from laughter, delirious from parties until dawn. Comforted, by genuine heart to hearts. Running up eternal stairs and dancing to the left. Music, the heart and soul of it, the irresistible beat. Dancing feet and bursting hearts. Ecstatic, to continue to lay down a brand new history. 
Regret nothing, learn everything. 

2 thoughts on “Dancing Feet and Bursting Hearts

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  1. Hi!!!! Thank you for your comment I am new to this blogging world and it is fast becoming addictive!

    There is nothing like mountain air to cleanse the soul.

    I will miss these mountains when I return to Australia from Ireland.


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