Hearts Afloat

The last of our summer days. A strong, sweet bitter taste becoming too hard to swallow. A wonderful day of cake baking and excitement. A birthday party for a special moon goddess. One giant cupcake and sticky melting chocolate. Dancing fairies, long dresses, sparkly shoes too large for Cinderella.  A game of cowboys and Indians among two century year old Yew’s. Healing trees and colourful flowers to uplift. The spirit of Woodstock I will miss. A vigorous deep breath, to absorb nature’s medicine. Strength being regained before our eyes. 

Painting smiles on our faces. A last gathering before we depart. Dancing children feeling the beat of the drum. Laughter and joy. A final farewell, to a beautiful boy blessed with his Daddy’s soulful eyes and his Mummy’s happy smile. The day ended with a splash of colour and a crock of gold. Sisters sleep alongside, wearing night dresses with hearts on sleeves, making the most of precious time. Awakened to the sound of sweet little cherubs and their gorgeous babbling across a dim light room. The last day to see these beautiful faces before we jet across the world. A feeling of dread to be felt, from the bottom of my heart to the pit of my stomach. Think back, to three months past, so much has grown. A time to ponder on when hearts are afloat. 

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