Rainbow Chasing

Heart warmed by beautiful sunshine on a rainy day, homesickness abates.  
Shoes for boats, puddles for thrills.  Thrills that only children know how to enjoy. 
Chubby legs in stripy tights, three year old conversations to himself. 
Flashing glimpses of imaginary play mates keeping a boy amused. 
A freedom to create. A freedom that nurture’s a spirit. A spirit that desires a freedom.  
A chance encounter with a grandmother, with her wiry yellow hair and skin that has seen too much sun. A grandmother caring for her grinning, single toothed grandson like he is, her very own. Under her arm a notepad full of old fashioned advice that only a grandmother of old could know. 
An evening walk to clear cobwebs, and ease a mothers guilt.  A peaceful, sleeping baby, snug and warm.  Clouds like slow moving tidal waves chasing boats. Gentle ripples in the river water, dispersing the calming pink evening light.  More rainbows chasing me from my ceiling to the sky. A sign perhaps, letting me know I have chosen the right track, because somewhere over that rainbow………….


5 thoughts on “Rainbow Chasing

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  1. Your Mother and I connected on FB recently (Dorie Kelly) so I've been glancing through your blog. You write so beautifully and you're a good photographer too. A curly red headed boy, we have one of those – they are heart stoppers and the girls love them. Isn't the world a small place now that we have the internet? Here I am in North America and there you are down under!! Just wanted to say hi.


  2. Hi Dorie, thank you for your really lovely comments they brought tears to our eyes. We are hoping or little red head will love his unique hair as much as we do. Yes there is much to be said for technology, that keeps us connected. I am enjoying recording the precious moments.


  3. Here are some “coffee table” books for your house: “Redheads” by Uwe Dietz; “Redhead Handbook: A fun and comprehensive guide to red hair and more” by Cort Cass; “Redheads” by Joel Meyerowitz;
    Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero by Anne Cottringer


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