Mothering Guilt

Foetal position, calming. Return to when in need. While weathering a storm, of tears from a sweet baby boy. A piece of unnatural, yet soothing plastic removed from his sweet baby mouth. 
Inside, stress rising. Constricting knots spread, like hundreds of tiny tightly clenched fists. 
An attempt at creating an independent child. For him, or for me? 
A caring gorilla mother, would she let her tiny baby cry and cry? Evolution and its perfection. Content infant gorillas, held for twelve months in their loving, animal mothers arms.
Am I creating insecurities in a child born so content? Blessed with a beautiful soul, and a smile for every face.

Is modern life getting in the way of what our babies need? I do not have time to rock my baby to sleep…………….. I have blogging to do……
So tiny, so briefly. Just give him what he needs?

A mothers guilt, daily punishment, am I making the right choice?

“Attachment parenting” or “Controlled Crying”

What is your style?

Me, I try to trust my instincts, despite the voice of self doubt.

Photo:G.Cunningham 2013

8 thoughts on “Mothering Guilt

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  1. Mothers have many hard decisions to make in a child's lifetime – passing through many doubts and what ifs – but instinct always wins out in the end!


  2. Nobody knows you're child and what they need better than you do Druim, nobody else can advise or critcise- you know you're little gorilla best…
    Listen to your heart x


  3. These days will not come again – that crooked smile, that snuggly, burrowing face, those tiny hiccups after the tears, that special smell – let the world go by, it will wait, but you will not get a do over. Think about how fast these months have gone – sing, smile, hug, rock – you won't “spoil” him, you will make him feel loved and secure – don't listen to the nay sayers – do what your heart wants, it knows best.


  4. Beautiful advice, Thank you I love it. Thank you for leaving your thoughts. You made me smile. My heart wants to hold him all day and that is just what I am doing lately and he is happier for it. Oh it is so precious isn't it x


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