Blossoms Blossoms Everywhere

Blossoms blossoms everywhere, a joyful feeling, spring in the air. Crystal raindrops, to feed new shoots of green. Scrumptious feet, yet to walk this earth. Tiny brothers bond, forming strings, time can never deny. Excitement over a new toothbrush, innocence we must keep with us. 
A boys uncanny ability. Reading between the lines, continues to take us by surprise.  
A book to share, one timeless classic, toyland’s favourite and his large eared friend. 
Bursts of colour amongst the bark, more rainbows…… of the feathery kind, curious heads, create a smile. 
Storms of tears, washed away, replaced, with contented gurgles.

A spring clean and a furniture move, a small by-pass for the heart. 
A golden chair in place of  plastic. 
A place, for brief contemplation amongst everyday chores.

Do you enjoy making small changes to your home?
Does it give you a fresh view of your once jaded abode?

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