Electric Blue

Escaping the rat race, if only for a short time. A mission to pack, so much stuff. Why do we need so much equipment just to be? Excitement and anticipation at hitting the road. Two boys sleeping, two parents and a brief sense of freedom relax, as the road leads us on. A cabin in the bush awaits our escape.

A steep winding track of iron ore red dirt, leads to the top. A small abode, surrounded by rolling hills and paddocks of green and gold. A reminder of a sweet home warms the heart. Friendly flashes of electric blue, fly in to greet. Creatures so electric blue they seem imaginary. Sleeping in the kitchen, cooking in the bedroom, who cares with views like these. 

Willing friends join the escape. Boys roam free, mud and sand, smiles and adventure, clean clothes running low. A fiery red head and a cheeky blonde. Curious creatures checking new playmates out. 
Wine and chocolate, card games and laughter. A few hours of freedom before an unsettled chick calls out. Small boys not quite ready for big beds, loud bumps and cries in the night. Five am wake up’s, pyjama adventures in the dim early morning light. A mistake we could all make, provides a story to tell, at a party where the midnight sun still shines. 
Homeward bound, our own beds call. Sleep falls before we can recall. 

4 thoughts on “Electric Blue

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  1. A little bit of green for you! Rod Stewart hairstyle for the pony! A little redhead on his own! Yellow flowers for the Joeys! Looks and feels like a nice place to spend a few days in solitude! xx


  2. Hope the boys enjoyed it because in a few short years that magically disappear you won't be able to drag them there if you paid them !!! 🙂


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