Drifting, lost in a thick fog, unable to see the dawn. A sister, nothing can compare, to grab you firmly by the hand, dispersing that fog, leading you back to the beginning. The beginning, you always knew existed, but the way was forgotten. Sisters can show you aspects of yourself you were unable to see, they can remind you of the traits you always knew but would rather forget. 

Our modern world with all its faults, ensures I can keep hold of those guiding sisterly hands. 
In split seconds messages of help can be flown across the Indian Ocean to the Mountains of Ireland. Messages that can be responded to in so many ways 

Thank you for technology. Technology that makes living on the other side of the world that small bit easier. 
Thank you for sisters, their brutal honesty, their comical ways of looking at the world to lighten the mood. 
Thank you for their unconditional love.

       Do you live away from your family and does technology make distance a bit easier?

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