Where is my Inspiration?

Tiredness suffocates like a thick smoke. Inspiration and creativity retreat for some air.  
Blogging self doubt overshadows, as rain continues to fall in this soon to be dry land. 
Reminding me to enjoy the dampness while it lasts. 
A brief moment to sit and think, words begin to flow. Some music to change the mood, a lighter feeling wafts through the air. The Lumineers and their infectious sound. Words simply words, ooze from my mind, just letting them flow as some of our favourite music plays out. 
Observing two boys playing side by side, visions of their future flash before my weary eyes. 
A future of friendship and brotherly fun.  

Dreams of reading a book, getting lost in another’s words, alas time and tiredness triumph. 
Keep going, and know those silver lined clouds will reappear. 

Precious ears of a baby capture the sounds, his tiny body begins to move to the groove, his gurgles let us know his delight. Amazing how one so new can feel the beat. 
The beat, that we must all be born with.

A shooting star silently flashes across the night sky. 
That flame of inspiration begins to re-ignite.

           How do you keep yourself inspired? Does music and more sleep do it for you?

2 thoughts on “Where is my Inspiration?

Add yours

  1. Hi Druim..:). I wake up alive..that's my inspiration 😉 oh yeah..& a bit of Arabic Cafe…or dub reggae 😉
    Nice pic of those sons.


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