31 Days of the Indian Ocean

Do you love the ocean?  Do you love nature? Do you love the sun? 
Have you ever noticed how a visit to the beach can wash away your stress and replace it with hope?

While catching up on some blog reading I stumbled upon an interesting post over at Veggie Mama. Veggie Mama is very bravely challenging herself to write 31 days of confessions. I look forward to following her on this journey of self discovery
This idea was born from the Nesting Place whom are hosting a writing challenge for anyone to join in on. In this challenge you must choose a topic to post about every day for all 31 days in October.
New to blogging I am curious as to where this challenge could take me. So I have decided to link in with bloggers from all over the world. After all if you blog you are a “blogger”. Maybe I will learn how to write, maybe I will learn how to connect with my readers. I am hoping I will revisit my childhood and my fascination of all things water and fish.
Thus the topic I have chosen is the Indian Ocean. 
This is the Indian Ocean today 1/10/2013

With a background in marine science I can add some biology (I do not claim to be an expert), a splash of colour from the Australian spring sunshine to brighten up your day and also some personal thoughts and feelings on this beautiful ocean and all that it entails. We may even come across some interesting seafaring myths and fables.

The big challenge will be to keep you the reader interested and entertained.

So please follow me on this journey of sun, sea, biology, and life discovery.

If you are a blogger and are taking part in this challenge you are welcome to share your topic in the comments.

Links to all my 31 posts will be found on this post. 

Day 1: This current post is day one
Day 2: What is the Indian Ocean
Day 3  My Indian Ocean
Day 4: Capturing a moment
Day 5: A Plastic Indian Ocean
Day 6: An Island escape
Day 7: Deep Sea Fascination
Day 8: Message in a Bottle
Day 9: Perspective
Day 10: Mamo’s Indian Ocean
Day 11: Tsunami Awakening
Day 12: Indian Ocean Vortex
Day 13: Continental Fragments
Day 14: Nature’s Magicians
Day 15: Sliding Doors
Day 16: Dolphin Mothers need Help too
Day 17: Where in the Food Chain do You Fit?
Day 18: Earth’s Angel Song
Day 19: Creator of Jewels
Day 20: Getting Lost in the Dunes
Day 21: Moody Crabs
Day 22: His Small Footprints in the Sand
Day 23: Our Very Own Mermaids
Day 24: Indian Ocean Migration
Day 25: Do Fish Sleep?
Day 26: A Constellation For Each
Day 27: The Green Room
Day 28: Mothering Erosion
Day 29: My Life Lessons From the Ocean
Day 30: Oh So Blue
Day 31: As The Sun Sets

3 thoughts on “31 Days of the Indian Ocean

Add yours

  1. What a wonderful topic Sarah,the powerful (& warm) Indian Ocean ! Maybe a dolphin or two will get a mention..maybe even that deadly killing machine that strikes fear into us all..& the many shades of blue & those pristine white waves….I'm comin' on that journey !


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