What is the Indian Ocean?

Day 2
The Indian Ocean is many things  

To me it is my connection to a faraway land with mountains and fields of green. It is a place for escape from the daily grind. A place to reconnect with nature. A place to sit and watch the waves, where worries become diluted by its healing waters. A place for exploration, in the hope of finding treasures from the sea or beyond. It is a place where bare feet can escape the concrete, a place for dreaming those big dreams. 

The Ocean is one of the few places where you can feel weightless.
To oceanographers, it is the worlds third largest body of water. Twenty percent of the precious water found on this incredible blue planet is owned by the Indian Ocean. It is an ocean surrounded by diverse lands. Its head and arms are bounded by tropical India, culturally diverse eastern Africa, and the wide open spaces of western Australia. Its warm toes just touch the edge of the freezing cold Southern Ocean.
To the sea creatures it is of course home. To us, a whole other world.  In parts so deep we may as well jump into a rocket and head for outer space. Even in this advanced age of 2013 we know so little of these deep and dark depths. 
In the Indian Ocean the very tiny plants and animals that are the beginning of the food chain found in all oceans are relatively low, thus sea life is limited in its open ocean. These “phytoplankton” are normally fueled by nutrient rich cold water pushed up from the depths. In the warm Indian Ocean this “upwelling” is seasonal. Humans and our hunger for nutrients put increased pressure on its animals. Shrimp and tuna are taken by fishing fleets that have traveled from as far away as Russia. There are many species struggling to survive, dugong, seals, turtles and whales. 
I want to explore this ocean that is in my back yard. To observe my little piece of Indian Ocean for 30 days, maybe it will send me an important message in a bottle. I want to watch the people that flock here for ice-cream and chips, the seagulls that clean up after them, and the Spring weather that will draw us to its cooling waters.

This is the Indian Ocean today 2/10/2013

What does the Ocean mean to you?

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