My Indian Ocean

Day 3 of 31

A slight breeze to clear the mind. Warm white sand between my toes. Aqua blue water to gaze upon. Sunshine to brighten your day. A huge blue sky to comfort us.  Water rising and falling, to continue the cycle, salt to taste, sunscreen and hat to protect, high UV to burn.

I explore weathered limestone rocks, shapes of all sorts carved out by the perpetual chisels of the Indian Ocean. Amongst the rocks, debris churned up from the sea, and as always a human footprint. “Stuff” we no longer need, discarded without a thought. Left for the ocean to worry about.   

Marine parks by the city, for all to enjoy. The water, never too hot, never too cold, temperate, nestled between the tropics and the an icy pole. Creatures of diversity and originality. Dragons of leaves, colourful cuttlefish with secret shells, caves of porous limestone and enduring boulders of granite. A warm current passes through keeping creatures visiting from the tropics content. Nutrients from the north supporting precious corals, each with their own job to do.
Bottlenose dolphins bring a smile. Humpback whales some music, on their way back from the ice, sea lions add some cheeky fun to this Indian Ocean party.

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What does your ocean look like? Can you describe it?

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