Capturing a moment

Day 4 of 31

A beautiful beach. A sea breeze, transforming the water from glass to froth. A mission to photograph, to capture this moment of the Indian Ocean. A woman, camera in hand,  her peaceful baby boy snuggled next to her loving heart. Others scattered along the sandy coast, enjoying their first true Spring day. A family, Mum, Dad, three happy children building empires in the sand. Dad capturing their moments. Sun momentarily behind slow cruising clouds, kneeling down in the soft sand, camera ready, capturing the waves, the light on the oceans surface. Enjoying the peace, the escape, a feeling of freedom, inspiration, lost in my thoughts, baby watching seagulls play. 

Disturbed, from my own world, an offer from another, to capture my moment with my tiny boy and the sea. Immediate response “No Thank You” ………………….”but Thank you for offering”

Why did I say NO? Always behind the camera, never in front, moments like these need be recorded, for the future generation, to know they were held, protected. Suspicion, will he take my camera, why is he approaching me? The truth, a kind man, looking upon a mother alone with her baby, a moment he thought worth capturing. 

Too late to call him back the moment has passed.

 Why are we so suspicious of one another?

Are we not all in this together?

5 thoughts on “Capturing a moment

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  1. Yes it is terrible the way that we – women particularly – feel vulnerable when approached by a stranger who just wants – as you say – to capture a moment in time so that it will always be remembered. We are continually bombarded in the media by the violence that exists in society today and this eventually seeps into our minds and makes us afraid. Time to re-capture our sense of trust and be brave!


  2. I love the beach and love looking at pictures from an ocean I've never visited. I've collected sand from beaches that I've visited maybe one day, I'll make it to yours. : )

    I'm participating in the challenge too. I'm writing about being Southern A Way of Life. Come visit me if you'd like. I'm #19 in the Too Awesome category.


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