Tsunami Awakening

Day 11 of 31

Thirty One days on the Indian Ocean could not be covered without a mention of that word. That word that fills us with fear. It reminds us of the horrifying apocalyptic scenes of destruction we have witnessed on our televisions. People, animals, homes, picked up like toys, by a giant sea monster, and strewn across the land. We all know the nightmare visions. I think I do not need to remind you of them.

Water is displaced be a large event, earthquake, volcano, meteorite, even nuclear explosions under the sea. The sea rebels and the sleeping monster is awakened. A series of large and long waves hit the land destroying everything in their path. It is events like these that make us realise how insignificant we are when it comes to the power of nature.

For many years I have had reoccurring dreams about a Tsunami. Even before I knew what that word meant. The scene is always the same. I am standing on a beach, I am watching the water being sucked out to sea as the wave height builds. I am normally trying to warn others to run. Then I see it coming, that massive wall of water heading straight for me. In most of my dreams I am fascinated, I stand there gazing in awe. Just recently,  I had my baby strapped to me, but my boy was gone, exploring, I was searching for him, panic was beginning to rise. I needed to find him before it came. Then I woke, a dream, relief.

Photo Ref: http://www.greenprophet.com/2010/11/tsunami-ulf-of-oman/

Unfortunately that nightmare scene is a true story. A young Australian girl courageously saved peoples lives on a beach in Thailand. She recognised the signs, water was being sucked back out to sea, she knew from school, what was coming, she bravely warned others relaxing on the beach, unaware.

A world wide web search reveals, many from all cultures have these reoccurring dreams. Most interpretations believe you are suppressing an emotional issue……….aren’t we all?.
However I like Carl Jung’s explanation, a Tsunami dream is a symbol that is universal throughout the world, a symbol of a great spiritual change, the washing away of the old and the beginnings of new growth. 
This is how I feel lately washing away the old, awakening and becoming free.

Do you have reoccurring dreams?

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