Indian Ocean Vortex

Day 12 of 31

I am not even half way through this Indian Ocean journey and it is becoming exactly what its name suggests, a challenge. 
I am beginning to get caught in an Indian Ocean vortex full of the worlds discarded rubbish. I am confused on which way I should go. Do I dive down beneath the current to find my own way. Mingle with the creatures desperately trying to escape the worlds plastic discards. Or, do I let myself be taken for a voyage on the “Indian Ocean Gyre” my direction determined by monsoonal winds. Moist summer winds that will carry me from the sea to land. 

Do I allow this ocean to tell me its story.

I think I am lost, but then I sit down, and the words flow out. 

Maybe the Ocean has already decided my fate.

Are you stuck in a vortex determined to pull yourself out?

4 thoughts on “Indian Ocean Vortex

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  1. Sarah a vortex is exactly what I am in today. I almost see my life going on around me without me and I don't want to join in. I might just imagine i am in the Indian Ocean too.


  2. That's a strong current you're in..but wait & see..a picture will emerge…
    I'm immersed in your Indian Ocean & loving it 🙂


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