Nature’s Magician

Day 14 of 31 

Do you ever wish you had a disguise, a cloak you could throw upon yourself to hide from the world.  If only to disappear for a short time, shelter from danger, spy on your enemies or simply just escape to find your zen.

The giant cuttlefish found in the Indian Ocean waters of Western Australia, has mastered invisibility so well they can mimic their surroundings even in the dark. Creatures so alien-like they could star in their very own science fiction movie. An instant change of colour can turn this large peculiar animal into a demure wallflower. 
An oval shaped body, a mouth surrounded by eight arms, two of them longer, specialised to snare their prey. A internal shell or cuttlebone filled with fluid and gas, becomes their buoyancy vest.  An ability to attain neutral buoyancy, the envy of many a seasoned scuba diver. 
However, the magic really happens beneath the skin. In tiny cells of a single colour, be they blue, red, brown or black. One flex of their muscles, colour is released and the creature magically blends into the crowd. Add some shimmer from iridescent cells of silver and blue and this creature becomes a light show warning its predators to stay away.

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For many years I have hidden behind a cloak of long hair, my security blanket, that has helped me feel safe when meeting new faces. Always afraid to stand out, for fear that I might have to speak out loud.

Yesterday some of  that cloak was cut away leaving behind a feeling of freedom and youth. 
The opposite of what I expected to feel. 
So maybe it is time I stop being a wallflower and instead become a butterfly.

Do you hide behind a disguise?
A favorite hat, a scarf, sunglasses?

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