Sliding Doors

Day 15 of 31

A sleepless night, an unsettled cub, who just keeps calling out. 
One tired and cranky boy, red curls all unfurled, begins the day way too soon. How am I going to get through today? 
Escape the chores, they can wait, lets go visit the Indian Ocean. 

Buggy, boys, bread and hats packed, we are off into the golden sun for the day. Thoughts of regret distract, it might all turn pear shaped. Push on up that hill, the blue will be worth it. 

There it is, that turquoise water and that cloudless blue blue sky, a perfect reward for all our effort. 
A lonely cabana invites us its way, offering some shade to protect our pale Irish skin. 

So much sand, I forgot about the sand! Mixing sand and a baby,  a baby just beginning his food tasting journey?  Looks like sand is next on the tasting menu. Sand in his eyes, up his nose, in his mouth, but his chubby cheeks are still smiling. Peanut butter and sand sandwiches take the edge off the rumbles, adding some crunch to the smooth. 

A stroll to the water. Baby in pouch, boy in hand. Time for these small feet and the Indian Ocean to meet. Screeches of excitement as he feels the powerful water wrap around his little feet claiming some of his ground back out to sea. Baby soothed by the ocean sounds, lulled to sleep against my heart. 

A daily motherly dilemma flashes into my mind. What if my little merboy decides to let go of my hand, let the waves take him. I with baby in pouch. My mind becomes preoccupied.
Three hours whiled away, in the sand, tired feet washed by the cool sparkling water. 
Who needs clean clothes, or cooked dinner when we have this. 
Only bribery entices him out of that sand den. 
A lovely escape ends with chocolate all over a tired face. 

What daily dilemma does your overactive mind get you into?

6 thoughts on “Sliding Doors

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  1. What a beautiful day Sarah !
    Daily dilemma ? no no..a dilemma has to be right in front of my face before I,like your mother,must have that pre worry gene 🙂
    Sand is a must in peanut butter sandwiches..has he tried it on banana ?


  2. Blue skies and dilemmas – choices galore! The handsome prince is having fun and his early rising is forgotten and the sunshine boy is in his glory – all that sand to eat and play with. 🙂


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