Where in the food chain do you fit?

Day 17 of  31

Do you ever feel invisible, ignored, disregarded. This is something 

I have had to deal with for most of my adult life. It makes you question where you come in the pecking order, question whether you are in fact inferior to others?

In the Indian Ocean organisms are connected by a complicated food web. An intricate lattice of creatures, what they eat and what eats them. From the microscopic all the way up to the top predators such as tuna and sharks. Many of these organisms are interconnected. As we overfish the top predators such as tuna for our own mouths, we upset a very delicate balance. Allowing smaller species to flourish, changing the design of the marine food web that has been spun for millions of years.

Do we have a pecking order in our society? Sometimes personally I feel like we do. Today I was briefly reminded of my pecking order. There I was, a grown albeit vertically challenged woman, two babies in my arms. Signing my biggest into play for the day. As usual my heart was breaking as he clung to my leg whimpering for me to stay, while his heavy little brother was perched upon my hip trying to pull my hair out. I am flicking through the folder looking for his name. Suddenly I am swooped from behind. a much taller and much more glamorous woman. Do you not see me, or my two babies hanging, from my short frame?  The glamazon was trying to sign in her own precious darling over my head. Admittedly, she did stop when she realised how rude she was being, but not a word of apology was uttered from her plumped up mouth. 

I was reminded of a time back when I had a social life while ordering a drink at a bar. I am standing patiently waiting my turn while the extremely thirsty hordes where being served around me. 
A giant man stood behind me, leaned over my short self and ordered himself a lovely refreshment. 
I turned around to face his crotch and give him piece of my mind, needless to say he just laughed and told me to calm down.

So where do I fit in the food chain? After all big fish eat little fish.

However, it is the little fish that will be left as the big fish are taken for trophies. 

Do you ever feel like you are low down in the pecking order?
(Or maybe it is my middle child syndrome)

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  1. Rise up, shoulders back and remember you have two beautiful minnows who will always put you at the top – you are the one who will teach them that respect for human dignity is what will make them truly top of the pecking order!


  2. Well, Miss Sarah (my granddaughter's name too) – maybe consider that those types of feelings are a choice and not worthy of you. It's the old comparing our insides to somebody else's outsides. Outsides change, but it's the quality of the heart that matters. My daughter is a little vertically challenged too, but mighty she is; sounds like you are too. Just think…… Miss rude glamorpuss is not the woman you want to be. You will always be a giant to your children! I remember all those feeling too and I think most women, if they were true to their words, can connect with those feelings – it just seems to be the way of the world. Unfortunately, age will fix that – it's the great leveler (except for the plastic surgery crowd.) Perhaps you are at the drudgery stage of life right now with two little people dragging on you, housework, laundry and being tired all the time – these are tough years, but they will be gone in a flash so carpe diem, all will be well. So great that you can share your feelings, I could never have done that at your age – well done! Please read this as a “pep” talk never a criticism. Bisous, lovely girl – a stranger from across the pond…


  3. Wow, your thoughts have made my cry, you write beautifully, but your words have also guided me. I think of what you said before about holding my baby more, it makes me calmer when he is not. I suppose in a way I was looking for criticism as I know the feelings of inadequacy we may have always come from within, writing them down really helps you see this more clearly. I welcome criticism/pep talk/guidance on this forum it helps make you a better writer and to become wiser in life.
    I also think I just need more sleep 🙂 x


  4. LOL – sleep – not for about 20+ years and then only with one eye open!! Alongside inadequacy list, write a gratitude list – will be amazing. ie: I woke up healthy, I can see, I can breathe, I can laugh, I am warm, I have food, I have shelter, I am loved – you get the picture – read it backwards when you are crazed so it doesn't become routine. I know it sounds a bit like Pollyanna, but it works because it changes the focus on things. The day is yours to claim, choose well. xoxo


  5. Yes, I know this feeling. In my case I think it stems from being the eldest of 4 kids with a seriously mentally ill mother. I was forced to grow up way too soon, and joke that I'd already raised 3 kids by the time I was 20! Of course this was never recognised by my mother, let alone society …


  6. Have to say Sarah..small big tall short fat skinny black white,they'll always,in the distance,coming up behind you, be a dork. Their problem,not yours. Stand your ground. xxx


  7. Thanks Lisa, no they do not care about height and I should not either, I don't really anymore it used to bother me when younger as everything does in those teenage angst days. I think that little experience the other day just brought me back there and I had forgotten those feelings, but it felt good to write about them Thanks for dropping by. I enjoy taking pictures


  8. Hi Emily! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I have come to realise through this blogging therapy that maybe pecking order is my perception of myself and I need to stand taller in my size 5 shoes :). I enjoy taking pics thanks for enjoying!


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