Earth’s Angel Song

 Day 18 of 31

The light is dim down there except for the few rays of sunlight penetrating through the layers from the surface. The colour is dark blue, the temperature is cool, the feeling is one of serenity. 

All you can hear is your own breathing as you suck on that artificial gill. This is an alien world to your body, built for gravity’s pulling force, but you feel free and weightless, your hair is flowing out in the liquid streams. The skin on your hands is beginning to shrivel. 
You stop breathing for a few short seconds, your ears have not deceived you, 
that was definitely it. The sound you have been waiting your whole life to hear. 

That ethereal timbre, no organ in the world could ever achieve. Your spine tingles, your goose bumps stand to attention, those clicks, those groans, grunts and barks. You see them then, a mother, her calf and their male companion, their long pectoral fins gliding in the distance, they are heading straight for you. 

Your heart is now in your mouth as you swallow loudly. His music grows louder, it fills your chest, an earth angel singing his oceans unique song. The reverberations fill the whole water column. 
They swim closer, dwarfing you with their large form yet so graceful in this gravity free world. 

The baby stays close, behind the mother’s protective fin, poking its curious head out every now and then. Her head, covered in those distinctive knobs. Her lower jaw covered in barnacles, traveling companions that have hitched a ride to the ice and back many times. Her inquisitive eye turns your way as they pass you by, she gently flicks her fin as if to say hello. You watch in awe as they keep swimming, her tail gently pulsing as they move on through the Indian Ocean. The baby swimming in her jet stream. He calls again as he must complete his song, let them know they are coming, let them know their precious cargo is by their side, they have made it this far on their way to the ice. 
Your chest resonates with his echo, his spiritual sounds change you forever. 
Did he mention you in his song?
You glance at your meter, its running low. 
How can you return, now that you have been touched by earth’s angels. 


Hear their song here and here

Have your ever swam with Humpback Angels please tell me your story?
Linking with Zanni @MyLittleSunshineHouse for stories of the Earth.

20 thoughts on “Earth’s Angel Song

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  1. Now I have tears in my eyes..beautiful experience,beautiful words ( your Da will be impressed )
    Thank you for bringing me to see & hear those Angels. xxx


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