His Small Footprints In The Sand

Day 22 of 31

His little heart beats with excitement as he walks down the beach towards the waves. To where the sloping sand bank and sea meet. The water is drawn out to form the next upsurge exposing the wet foreshore. He stands at the line where wet sand meets dry. He knows this is where his toes will be bathed by the salty water. The wave crashes down onto the seafloor and the white foam rushes up the slope to cover his excited feet with cool water from the Indian Ocean. He squeals with delight as his feet disappear. The wet sand sucks his toes down, under its surface, with a squelch he flicks them up sending sand flying. 
His happy giggles mend the world just for a short time. 
He could stay here all day, watching the ebb and flow. We walk along the coast letting the waves wash in and out over our feet. He is so happy, no bucket, no spade, just him and the waves. 
We look back, his small footprints in the sand mark his growing love for the freedom of the ocean.

 His ocean, Your ocean, Our ocean.

Do you enjoy seeing your childs love grow? 
Do you remember when you began to fall in love with the great outdoors? 

17 thoughts on “His Small Footprints In The Sand

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  1. Likewise Emily, thanks for stopping by again. Do you get to visit your friends in Ireland?. I can imagine they do miss the fab beaches here in Australia, although Ireland has some hidden gems also just a shame about the weather :). Yes what is it with kids and water most of them just love it.


  2. What a lovely series.

    I too love watching my son discovering new things. I feel like I'm experiencing it for the first time all over again seeing it through his eyes.


  3. Hi Veggie Mama I am so happy to have you here. The beach is a fantastic place for little ones to roam and for me to escape the traffic of the city life. I guess when you move and do make a visit to the beach it will be all the more special for your girls. You are good to take them there, being not so keen yourself. Thanks for your comment!


  4. Those little bare feet know that your little bare feet love to be in the ocean and the next pair of little bare feet will also love to be in the ocean and together the two pairs of little bare feet will love the ocean- as their love of the ocean will have come from your love of the ocean.


  5. I love seeing Mr 5's face light up when he knows that we are going to the beach. It has only been in the last 18 months or so that he has been more confident around the waves and now he loves running through them.

    Thanks for linking up with me for Sunshine Sunday x


  6. This is a delicious little snippet. Reading the words, I am there too, wet feet in that sand. My little boy adores the crashing of the ocean, and the salt. It is a life affirming experience, standing at the waters edge.


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