Indian Ocean Migration

My Migration was a “First World” one, 
I came by airplane.
I had a visa in my passport. 
I had a welcoming face happy to greet me on the other side.

I have tried to imagine what it would be like to come across the Indian Ocean looking to escape the terrors of my homeland.
They came on a ship.
A ship of promises.
A ship of dreams.
The Indian Ocean promised to carry them away, anywhere, but here.
The sun beat down onto their bare skin, the thirsty salt stole their moisture.
They huddled under Dads open shirt, the only shade to be found.
They sang songs, their songs of home, it made them feel better, for a short time.
They ate whatever was left in the small bags their mother hastily packed.
Rations of bread, bananas and rice.
The drinking water was warm, but their cracked lips reveled in its wetness.
They thought this was their new home, this nightmare on the sea.
They tried to block the sounds out, babies crying, mothers wailing, angry men shouting.
The engine always humming in the background lulling the youngest to sleep. 
Day and night come and go, they have no idea how many.
The night brings coolness, comforting light from the stars and a guiding moon.
The waves turn their tiny tummies upside down, their small heads pound.
This cycle carries on for eternity, they kneel and pray.
Then they see it, that promised land.
The view obscured be a huge ship.
Men with weapons, dressed in uniform.
They look unwelcoming…. maybe the smiles on their faces tell another story.
If only their mother could see.
Do you have a migration story, and do you want to share it?

4 thoughts on “Indian Ocean Migration

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  1. Perhaps it is a “Happy Story”. As we all know so many stories have ended in tragedy. I personally know people who have come by boat and have made it. H
    however. It is also a story said through the eyes of small children, yes these men have smiles for them we do not know how the adults are feeling, what meets them, and where is their mother why is she not with her small children?


  2. I have a migration story and it has a happy ending. However, I feel for the asylum seekers. I wish this country of ours had a better system in place where we welcomed them all and treated them with the respect they deserve.


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