Mothering Erosion

Day 28 of 31

Today I needed to look hard for the silver lining, the lesson I am to contemplate before sleep falls.  I struggled to see it, after much thinking the lesson appeared before me in a photograph.

Coastal erosion is the wearing away of the land by wave action and tidal currents from the Indian Ocean. Abrasion caused by sharp sand can sandblast the beach rocks transforming them into smoothed and polished formations or unique shapes with a story to tell.

Today was a trying day. A day when I needed to take many deep breaths, breath through the knots in my stomach. I needed to look deep inside for that inner strength, reconnect with the patience I once had. A baby who would not eat or sleep, who needed the reassurance of his mothers arms around his small body. A little boy asserting himself, everything needed to be just right. A day of tantrums, inconsolable crying until he was sick from his stubborn temper. All I could do was hold him tight and weather his storm. Now I know days like these simply mould me, creating a smoother and I hope more polished mother and person.  

How do you weather your child’s storm?

6 thoughts on “Mothering Erosion

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  1. honestly, on those really hard days, I would cry! And feel overwhelmed. And chant to myself “This is not personal”. Sometimes all the rage and frustration in a small person can seem like an attack, like they personally hate us. It's not true but in the midst, it's really hard to remember that. So I would remind myself. and cry. xxxx Hang in there. One thing I can tell you, is that in the teenage years they can tell you (quite clearly) why they are angry and upset. It is a beautiful thing.


  2. Thank you! We have good days and some bad days. My tolerance level is certainly lower when I am lacking in sleep and I think that is what most of the problem is. Thank you for your words of support. Thank you for your comment!


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