My Life Lessons from the Ocean



Throughout this 31 day series I have learned much about life and also about myself.   


1. An Ocean of worries can be diluted by a walk along the sea shore. We can wake up some days and  not want to get out of bed. You can decide to wallow in your mood or to get up and go outside for a walk. This small decision can be the difference in how your day goes.

2. The beach is a wonderful place for childhood memories. Children can enjoy the simple freedom of playing in the sand and dipping tiny toes into the huge ocean. Creating a love of the outdoors and respect for nature.

3. Seize an opportunity when it is presented to you, do not hold back because you are suspicious or afraid.

4. In life we have ups and downs, ebbs and flows. If we are determined and hang on tight the waves  will take us to where we want to go despite that anchor of self doubt trying to drag us under.

5. Indian Ocean Biology is sparse compared to the other four oceans on this blue planet. However it is fascinating, precious and unique. We must do all what we can to protect these environments and ensure our children can continue to enjoy this natural playground and all its wonders.

6. Right now my life’s priority is my children’s childhood memories. Creating warm memories of love, laughter, fun and adventure. I need to be in front of the camera more, they are the photographs that will mean something to them when I am gone.
7. If  you feel life is getting the better of you, ask for help, even the dolphins know how to ask a friend.
8. Your perception of yourself is what can be your downfall, not how others are towards you or what they think of you.

9. The only possessions I truly need are my family and friends.

10. Daddy Kangaroo my wannabee free spirit needs to escape to the ocean also.

11. Like the five Oceans of this world we are all connected, oceans, animals, humans we are all in this together

12. Finally, remain calm in life all will be revealed.

What life lessons have you learned lately?

15 thoughts on “My Life Lessons from the Ocean

Add yours

  1. Oh wow what an amazing post. I love the ocean and I love your life lessons taken from the ocean. Off to have a read through the rest of the series. Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT


  2. Thanks Emily!! I hope you do make it to the ocean for some fun. Although it can be hard with little ones who want to eat the sand. Red shoes.. don't they say you can tell alot about a person by their shoes.. not sure what mine say. Thanks for stopping by x


  3. Reading your piece on creating memories for your children makes me wonder did I create memories for mine – maybe I should ask them but then maybe I am afraid to – in case I did not create memories for them. I continue to learn life lessons everyday and I have no doubt that I will always be learning until I leave this world and so the circle begins again.


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