As the Sun Sets

So here it is

Day 31 of 31

I made it. 
We made it
This ship has docked
There was some rough seas along the way. 
The captain wanted to jump ship half way through the voyage, but a small voice inside her head and her fairy godmother urged her to carry on. 

A route was eventually revealed.

My destination? 

It may sound ridiculous but I feel like this challenge has changed me a little. 
I feel stronger, I feel my self believe has grown.
I have evolved from free floating jellyfish riding in the Indian Ocean currents to a humpback whale on a migratory route.
I feel I have reawakened an enjoyment for writing. Writing was something I had forgotten that I do. As a child I wrote stories about magic talking plates and as a moody teenager recorded my worries and angst in diaries with bad handwriting and embarrassing words. 

I have always felt I should be creative in some way, I have tried painting, it is so relaxing but I am not very good. I have tried embroidery, cooking, pottery all sorts of craft but I have stuck to nothing.

Since I have taken to this keyboard daily, my mind is constantly ticking over, words, ideas, stories.  That cannot be a bad thing, right? 

Creativity is incredibly healing to ones soul.

When I started this 31 day series, I was trying to find my blogging voice. I feel like I am more on the way for my small voice to be heard.

On my first post I wrote “Maybe I will learn how to write, maybe I will learn how to connect with my readers. I am hoping I will revisit my childhood and my fascination of all things water and fish”

Well, I think my writing has a long way to go but I feel something has been awakened. 

As for connecting with my readers, I think I have a much better understanding of what a blog is about and what other people would like to get from a blog post.  

I have definitely reconnected with my love of the ocean, fish and nature in general. I have written about ocean stories that I had forgotten. I do not want to forget them again. As a nerdy and strange child, actually when I say “nerdy” I mean quiet and thoughtful.  The word “nerdy”  may give you the impression of great intelligence. I was and still am, only just average. 
However it has always been an interest that has driven me. As that quiet child aged maybe eleven or tweleve I decided to take it upon myself to do a project on fish. I was not asked to carry out this ground breaking research. I just wanted to learn about my goldfish swimming around and around in his bowl. I looked up “The Book of Knowledge” for the biology of fish, I drew scientific diagrams and wrote notes. It was this small project at aged eleven that lead me to study Marine Science.

Maybe this 31 day Ocean Series is also leading me somewhere else fishy, yet to be revealed. 

Either way I am enjoying the voyage.

So as the Sun Sets over our Indian Ocean I am thankful for this past month of self discovery, beach walks, quality time with the little ones and of course the Ocean.

I hope you have enjoyed the voyage?

Maybe you have leaned some things also?
Have you found a creative outlet that you enjoy, helps with stress and allows you to escape into another world?
I would love to hear about your path to creativity

18 thoughts on “As the Sun Sets

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  1. I don't think you are 'only just average' – I think you are amazing !!! I love that you found a project and stuck with it. I love the photos that you have used. I love that you have found your voice and mostly I love that you are enjoying the journey !! Thank you for sharing your journey with us !
    Have the most wonderful day !


  2. What a wonderful way to end this fantastic series. This a perfect #thankfulthursday post. Thank you so much for joining in. I think it is so awesome the way you went about this little project. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a wonderful day


  3. You have brought me also on a wonderful journey Sarah..well done for bringing that ship safely to are a fine captain..xx
    That little roundy-roundy-in-the-bowl goldfish started a whirlpool of knowledge 🙂


  4. Well you did it! I am so utterly and completely proud of you. (and a wee bit jealous!!) Giving yourself the title of 'Captain' is more than justified, especially as you are a woman! I firmly believe that you have found your niche and writing is your creativity – you write with such fervour and passion – that is something you cannot learn- it is within you. Your journey has been amazing to follow and I know that there are many more journeys out there for you and when the opportunity comes along, grab it with both arms and hold on to it. As your fairy godmother said, that goldfish in a bowl awakened something deep within you and now it is finally out and here to stay. xxx


  5. Well done for completing a challenge. Fish and ocean stories? You must have read the Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson. His stories are so melancholy, I often wonder why someone would write that way for children.


  6. There's something to wonderful about being able to find your writing voice isn't there? I've had a great week with heaps of posts and it's made such a huge difference to me. Being able to write just makes me feel more alive.


  7. Thank you Twitchy. Perhaps children do not see it as melancholy they probably get lost in the amazingly descriptive words he used. I am always amazed at the level of comprehension and acceptance of stories my son has. Thank you for reminding me of Hans Christian Andersen's incredible writing. Thanks for stopping by !


  8. Hi Sarah, Wow! Wow to your amazing sea adventure, wow to your beautiful writing and wow to those amazing photographs. I too have always felt a need to be creative but have had trouble sticking with anything. I find blogging is such a wonderful outlet to say what I need to say in the way I want to say it (versus the uncompromising structure imposed on the academic writing I do in my professional life). Keep it coming!


  9. Wow ! Thank you for your lovely words that gave me a spring in my step. Thank your for popping over it is a pleasure to have you here Leanne. I know I am realisng how nice it is to write freely without a particular structured format. I just hope that I can keep it going !


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