Listening to the World

Have you ever stopped and simply just listened. 

Listened to the world.

The ramblings of you’re own mind placed on hold as you absorb the sounds of this earth.

We sit quietly, he on the first step, I on the second. The concrete, green and faded, the corners chipped. How many others have sat on these steps daydreaming? Small spidery fingers walk across my back sending shivers down my spine. The sun behind us, its Spring fingers soothe my tired neck. The large frangipani tree above us preparing to reveal its true beauty. Green shoots just beginning to pierce from its bare spear- like branches. This warm spring sun sending perhaps the last early morning chill back into hibernation. A normally busy three year old unusually quiet. I relish these brief moments of silence. A pause from his constant questions as he ponders the great wonders of this world. 

In the quiet, sounds begin to reveal themselves one by one like the layers of  a cake. The main ingredient, the sponge, the only layer you notice if you are in a rush, with no time to savour. The noises from the street, sounds from beyond the thick ivy cover on these very welcome walls. Cars, trucks, lawnmowers, motorbikes, people, carrying on with their ordinary day. The patter of the perfectly padded walking shoes of a dog, the jingle of his lead as his owner guides him on his daily escape from the backyard. His nose in overdrive as he eagerly inhales the new smells outside his world. Muffled conversations from men at work, decisions on where they should place this nail and that bolt. The hum of an airplane overhead carrying people, always people on the move. 

As we listen harder we begin to hear the sweet treat hidden between the sponge. Amongst these ordinary sounds, the birds, and their joyful song. Celebrating Spring, flowers in bloom and the wealth of farming insects tending to their crops. We lift our heads to look up, discover just who is singing these sweet songs. We see only rainbow flashes hiding between the leaves of a peppermint tree. Do we sound this happy if they stop and listen to us?
Before us, we see white butterflies, dancing amongst the petals, silently fluttering.  An essence of gracefulness only nature can create. Reminding me that we do not always need words to be part of this world.

Then we hear it, the icing, without which our cake would just be ordinary. Hiding amongst the garden foliage, a muscician playing his tune. One lonesome cricket rubbing the top of one wing against the bottom of another. His beat is returned, a chorus ensues. This distictive sound envelopes us, loud chriping, we become hypnotised by its beat like the tribal drums from an African mud hut. The sound escalates as the sun moves higher in the morning sky. They are energised by the rising heat of the day. This is the sound that reminds me,  that I am in a foreign land. This is the sounds that welcomes me home from my other land.

 These days I delight in these brief moments of quiet to savour nature’s noises layer by sweet layer.

Are you able to stop and just be?
What noises can you hear?

24 thoughts on “Listening to the World

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  1. That is really a beautiful sentiment. Would be a great lead in to a meditation or coming to the end of one. We lay on the trampoline as a family and in the quiet listen for the 'little' sounds.


  2. I can't remember the last time that I sat and just listened to the world. I need to do it more often. Thanks for the reminder. – Aroha (#teamIBOT)


  3. What a lovely post. It is hard to stop and be when you have a three year old. It does happen every now and then though and it's lovely.


  4. Thanks Annaleis, lovely to have you here. That is an inspiring thought from you and I suppose in a way it was my little meditation to recharge for when that 3 year old returned to his normal boisterous self. So nice to know that your family also stop and listen.


  5. Papa says you have written a prose poem. As usual, wonderful thoughts and your writing is so soothing to read – I can feel the silence without having to listen to it. I do actually stop and listen on occasions – I go out into the garden and inhale the landscape and the sounds of nature – this makes me feel oh so good.


  6. Such lovely words..letting the silence sooth your soul..
    I have the treasure of silence most hours & revel in it 🙂 what I don't have is frangipani to compliment that silence..but you can't have everything can you….xx


  7. A gorgeous post! I think I might have to make a cup of tea and sit outside for a few minutes when bub goes down for her next nap 🙂


  8. I totally get this. I love that quiet time in the evening when the kids have gone to bed and I can lie still and listen to the outside world.


  9. Right now I can hear some construction going on down the road, which is not the most awesome sound 🙂
    I love just sitting and listening, but without a doubt my favourite place to do it is the beach. Love hearing the crash of the ocean


  10. You know Sarah when I actually do make an effort to just stop and be, I almost get overwhelmed with what I see, hear and experience. I rarely get to do it, but I must make more of an effort because my soul laughs and relaxes when I'm alone, away from my three babies and hubby, just for an hour – and I don't mean to do the supermarket shopping!!!!!!!! xx


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