The Shiny Red Bicycle

He spins around and around on his shiny, red, spider bicycle. He is laughing, singing and talking, always talking. We sit, in the middle of his circle on a colorful woollen blanket, feeling dizzy watching this boy full of sparkle and spirit.

Today I decided to allow the chubby hands of these small boys to guide me through our day.
Leaving my tiredness tucked up, under my pillow for another day. Awoken at the crack of dawn, only two hours after the last call. I am greeted with a toothless smile from ear to ear,  so happy is he, that he almost bounces right out of his stripy babygro. How could such a delightful creature make me feel so old and tired? Not today, today we will play.

We danced among the mess, twirling around until the floor became a choppy sea. We spoke in great detail of monsters and super hero’s. He answered all my questions with the knowledge of a well read monster scholar. He convinced me to practice what I preach and just try. Try, to sit upon his shiny spider bicycle and follow his circle of life. My knees poked out too far, the too small uncomfortable saddle disappeared beneath me. We laughed, I laughed.  I was transported back to 1983. I was riding my sky blue bicycle with those stabilisers that kept falling off, causing me to tumble into the grass. I was smiling and all the more determined to try again.

Tiredness is physical this we know.
However perhaps it is also an attitude.
I decided to leave my attitude in bed that day, while I played amongst the cherubs.

Do you believe tiredness is sometimes an attitude?

28 thoughts on “The Shiny Red Bicycle

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  1. Yes, I believe that tiredness is an attitude – sometimes I wake up in the morning and I say 'I still feel tired' and want another couple hours of sleep but I force myself out of the bed and start the day – and by starting the day I suddenly feel less tired and more in tune with myself – my attitude has gone!. your day today sounds perfect – your children helping to bring out your inner child (which is always there) – having fun, laughing, not caring there is a mess and happy smiling playmates – everyone should try this at least once a month!


  2. I love this post – it really spoke to me and reminded me to let go of my own tiredness more often and just “be” with my kids. Beautifully written – perfectly captured the spirit of the non-stop toddler!


  3. Thank You Kirsty! I was so exhausted but I realised I could just get on with it and enjoy their beautiful and precious company forgetting about what needed to be done and doing whatever they wanted. If only we could do this every day. It was also nice to suddenly feel positive when all I have been thinking of is sleep! Thank you for stopping by ! Yes he is all go but you have to love and envy their lust for life!


  4. Oh wow love this. Followed you here via Home life simplified. Yes I think tiredness can be physical and emotional too. I am having a day set by the rhythm of my daughters today – something I intentionally chose to do. Normally there are so many items competing on my daily agenda xx


  5. Oh bless. What a beautiful, beautiful post. Your little man is just gorgeous – those curls! Swoon. Tiredness can certainly be an attitude, not always, but it can be. But at this time of year? Most definitely.


  6. I agree somewhat that tiredness can be an attitude… but I think we mothers sometimes have a tendency to push ourselves a tad bit more than we should. We somehow manage to power through nonstop the whole day surviving on just those two hours the night before. I'm trying to learn not to ignore my tired signs too long until the point of crashing.

    But glad you manage to create some beautiful moments that day with your decision to park aside the tiredness for a while. But hope you managed to catch up on some rest later down the track as well!


  7. Thank you Jodi. Learning from my children is something I am doing every day and loving them all the more for it. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment lovely to have you here.


  8. I also agree with you Serene on that particular day I was able to push though it but there has been many a day when I was unable. I have days when it all catches up on me. I still am struggling to get a goods night sleep these days and but I am too tired to do anything about it ha! Hope you're sleep is good these days.


  9. I think that tiredness can be an attitude but it's also our bodies way of telling us to slow down and enjoy life a little bit. Sometimes instead of getting caught up in the must do's, we just have to let go and ride that little red bicycle. I'm glad that you had a great day with your little guy and he looks like he enjoyed himself too!


  10. A beautiful story. I think that yeah it can be an attitude, but mostly it's not. And there are different types too. Some say sleep, and others say break the routine and ride the red bike 🙂


  11. I really do believe that tiredness is an attitude, you put that SOO well. Love the bike photos by the way. I will try to be less tired, even when I am, thanks for the reminder lovely! I hope the start of 2014 has been kind to you and your precious babes xxx


  12. True Tegan but I think I am always tired therefore sometimes I just have to push that aside and hop on my bicycle and laugh. He always enjoys himself that one non stop morning to night. Thank you for stopping by .


  13. It is a case of mind over matter much of the time Emily when it comes to this motherhood tiredness thing. Sometimes you just got push on and make the most of the moments. It has been a lovely start to 2014 thank you and the same to you. Look forward to reading more of you're stories. Thank you for stopping by !


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