Blogging Obsession

I am on the computer, he is in the garage,

I am typing, he is tinkering.

I am escaping, he is escaping.

He calls me a Blogging B$$ch …………( he is joking of course), I stop listening when he mentions yet another “must have”.

Relatively new to Blogsville I am enjoying the escapism, the creativity, the brilliant bloggers and all the wonderful things they have to say. Questioning anything and everything in this crazy thing called “Life”. 

What I want to know is, how do you balance it all?

Children, everyday life, jobs, family, relationships, while also having time for that life essential… blogging. 

What suffers? 

Do you spend the evenings caught up in you’re own little world.  Each of you winding down from you’re busy day separately, rather then conversing, communicating, enjoying each others company? 

During my 31 Day series there were a few nights when he was so sick of seeing my back huddled over the keyboard, our relationship was most certainly put on hold. However thankfully he indulged my determination and allowed me to continue on my journey of self discovery. I understood his frustration, however I was on a mission that I was incredibly determined to complete. 
Complete the mission I did and with it I gained a wonderful sense of achievement. 
It has led me to want to create a regular place for blogging in my life. I am finding it a great escape. Something for me. I am also realising how much wisdom other people have and how much of it they are willing to share. Therefore there must also be time to read the insight and thoughts of others.

I have seen many posts of late discussing our love for technology, how sometimes we are just too connected to this virtual world. It is so easy to get caught up in it all. 
Does the novelty of blogging wear off? 
I would imagine like most things in life it goes through ebbs and flows?

Do you have a hobby that allows you to escape, but at times perhaps this hobby is nurtured more than your real life relationships?

Conversely, perhaps a hobby is something that is essential for ourselves, to make us happy and feel complete, in turn making them happy.

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  1. when i started blogging 2 1/2 yrs ago i blogged an average of 6 days a week. after a year or so i dropped back to 4 days and now at 2 1/2 yrs i dropped to twice a week for now – the amount of time and energy required was too high a price for me to pay – i did think it was too all consuming but everyone is different – it depends on how fast you write, what you write about, how much social media you put in.. i find it better for me to balance blogging with other hobbies and time with my hubby watching a movie or chatting in the evening instead of me at my computer yet again lol


  2. I'm with Deb on the balance blogging with other interests. I have found at times being online all the time takes away time to be creative or to connect and grow relationships.


  3. I have been blogging since April 2005 and it definitely changes over time and as my life has changed, so has my time available for blogging – as does the content I blog about. Sometimes I find I really don't have lots to say and so go quiet until something sparks me off.
    I have tried to have reasonably technology free weekends so that I don't shut out my family – nights really just depend on what we are doing – if A is busy with something I may hop onto twitter but if he is watching TV, I generally watch with him or we sit chatting / looking for properties on the internet etc together.
    Hope you find what works for you.
    Have the best day !


  4. My experience is that you'll get over it. It takes about 18 months 😉 Meanwhile it's more productive than watching crap TV so go with the flow and enjoy yourself.
    What an incredibly gorgeous little one you have there. A beautiful cherub!


  5. Yes, there are times when you will get sick of it … I find the most frustrating thing is when “genius burns” and I'm dying to write a post but life gets in the way! But somehow we find the time for the things we truly love – husband, children, blogging …

    Visiting from #TeamIBOT xxx


  6. Before I started blogging hubby and I would fight over the tv and I would end up going to bed to read or crafting. Now I still do those things sometimes or I play on the ipad or blog. Nothing much has changed except with the ipad I can sit on the couch next to him 🙂


  7. I have to say that my hubby does get sick of me blogging at times, but otherwise he's on couch watching TV, I do try and make more of an effort to spend two nights with him! I could spend all day writing posts but I have paid work which has to take priority, which sucks really but it's life. There is no balance, it's about priorities. GOOD LUCKY xx


  8. Yes, it's kind of a subtle trap… I start blogging, then he starts doing something else while waiting for me to finish, then while I waiting for him to finish, I respond to a few comments, then he potters and tinkers some more as he waits for me… then soon the evening is over and it's time for bed. However you are right, I think blogging can also go through ebbs and flows. During my pregnancy and early newborn baby days, I was so wiped out at the end of the day that I went straight to bed almost after dinner.. no blogging for a while. But now as my routine settles down again, I enjoy the mental stimulation of writing and connected with other like-minded. To keep a balance, I try to plan a schedule on when to blog and allocate time for “us” as well. That should always come first


  9. My hobby and obsession has waxed and waned slightly, but not much. My husband is pretty accommodating – he likes doing his music and other things for himself, and we just meet for an hour or so at the end of every evening to share chocolate or wine or something. I think you find the balance eventually. Actually, your blog post made me laugh a little because my husband last night wrote a rap about my blogging obsession, and where our relationship fits in with it all. It was very very funny. I hope one day we can YouTube it or something because I think quite a few bloggers and their partners will relate to it. x


  10. Awww how gorgeous are your little man's curls! My hubby has a 4am start at work so is in bed by 9pm and doesn't care if I spend all night on the computer, but what I lose to blogging is sleep. I stay up til the early hours reading and writing and processing photos, then kick myself come morning and promise myself an early night but never actually manage it!


  11. Beware the blogger burn out. I have been blogging for years and I have seen so many bloggers come and go. A hobby should not lead to someone or something being sacrificed. Blogging can eat up your hours, find you stuck to your phone and leave you with little time to do all the things in real life that you really love doing.

    But once you get the balance right, it's a wonderful way to pass your time.


  12. Wow that was some feat posting 6 days a week for 2/12 years, but yes I can really see the cost of all that time and energy. That is also a good suggestion balancing with other hobbies. I know I even annoy myself lately when I am sitting at the computer yet again!! Thank you for your input Deb!


  13. Wow you have been blogging quite a while! Always under the same blog name ??? I am currently on maternity leave so I know when I return to work perhaps my priorities with this venture will change. I like the idea of technology free weekdends when it should be a time for family and real life friends. Thank you for your input Me!!


  14. Hah ha I imagine I will get over it. I am enjoying the thinking creative side of my brain that has been opened up however. That is also the way I look at it, I could be wasting time watching very crap TV. My little one is a bright and fiery as his hair. Thank you for your comment Mumabulous!!


  15. Oh you have nailed it Serene before we know it the evening is gone. I too am also thriving on the mental stimulation right now! I think I most definitely need to work out a schedule. Thank you for stopping by , hope the sleep is improving. x


  16. Hi Emma, thank you my little man has a little curl right in the middle of his forehead and when he is good…… I hear you on the losing sleep over it it, it is crazy how fast an evening goes sitting at this keyboard and like you say going through photos. Now go to bed!!

    Thank you for stopping by Emma!


  17. People on the radio have been talking about having 'date nights' in order to wind-down after work, or getting away from technology, television, and the rushing by of life – bringing the romance back into relationships. Once a week when the time is totally devoted to each other – a meal, wine, music, talk, laughter – I think it is a great idea so maybe the bloggers could try it out and then write about the changes and effects that these 'date nights' are having – be it positive or negative! At the moment I am obsessed by pylons ! But I do not think that my equal half even notices !


  18. I like this idea, I am sure it takes effort to organise but I think getting away form technology for a couple of nights is worth it as that is when the true inspiration happens not staring at the glow of a screen. It is a good thing you are doing obsessing over Pylons, blogging is really for myself but you are doing something for the world. xx


  19. My husband is out a couple of nights a week so it works out well for blogging time. Thanks for raising the topic, I'm gleaning from all these comments too!


  20. I know what you mean about blogging obsession! I'm relatively new too and would live and breathe blogging if I could. Most evenings I sit at the computer while hubby watches a doco. We do make sure that Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are spent together.


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