My Heart is Full.

As I stretch down into the shopping trolley, the small joey in his beloved pouch next to my heart pulls my hair and arches his back. He is sick of this expedition to the shops. I am sick of this chore also. I just want to make it home without him screaming the shop down. I think to myself as I am unloading to pay, how much I hate grocery shopping. I could be doing so many more exciting things then walking around a supermarket, like a zombie, blindly dumping food into the basket. 

Then I hear a voice, a familiar voice, the voice of conscience. It becomes louder, ensuring I take notice of its message. This voice reminds me how lucky I am, that I can afford to fill a whole trolley full of food for my little family. We will survive, over-eat and probably waste this food over the next couple of weeks until there is nothing but a lonely, rubbery, carrot left in the bottom of the fridge. 
Then I will go to the shop for another trolley load. This I am thankful for.

I am also thankful for the smile that was painted upon my face by a small, sweet, innocent, boy.  
You see, I recently purchased a colorful new cushion to brighten up our couch. This couch that keeps getting soiled by baby vomit and little boy snot. The colours of this cushion caught his curious eyes immediately, when he saw it laying upon the couch. He thought this household adornment was a gift for him. I did not have the heart to tell him otherwise, he seemed so grateful. It now sleeps next to this small boy, cushioning him from his growing fear of the dark.

I am ever so thankful to the smallest one and his new found ability to sleep that small bit longer without mamma so near. Due to this I am slowly starting to return to myself.  
I am able to be the mother I want to be, for these two bright and shinning spirits. 

I am thankful for telephones, because of a conversation on my telephone my heart is full. The cracks of shock and worry have healed a little bit more. His voice sounded so strong, his wise but cynical personality could clearly be heard over those wires. His usual lectures on the worlds doom and gloom made me feel, not so gloomy. His few words of praise and encouragement are words to be cherished, to be sown in my very own plant pot and nurtured to life. 

Some quiet time. 
A sleeping joey,  a warm breeze blowing through the orange blossoms, the wind chiming through a terracotta ladybird. My feet up, a book in my hand, making me laugh out loud. 
I am grateful for this luxury. Diving headfirst into a book, swimming amongst the wonderful words of a fictional world. A world that does not have a glowing screen. This world only has words, a supporting backbone, a smell of wonder, and a feel of peace. 

Lastly,  but certainly not least I am grateful and thankful to the lovely Rihanna@AParentingLife for opening my heart and reminding me to be thankful.  
There is after all so much to be thankful for. 

I am also Flogging ma Blog on Friday with Grace from WithsomeGrace

10 thoughts on “My Heart is Full.

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  1. I share your sentiments on the grocery shopping, I moan a lot about what a financial struggle it is for us to live on one income, but in reality, we're not starving, it's such a first world problem and I shouldn't complain! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I hear you so well and I don't even have a little joey to take around with me !!!! Definitely a first world problem – funnily enough I blogged about my first world problem today – house hunting !!!!
    I love your view over the hills – magnificent !
    Have a great day and take care !


  3. I am thankful for beautiful bloggers like you who take the time to share in something as wonderful as stopping to think of all that we have. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you lovely #thankfulthursday


  4. Your vegetable basket has the same colours as our scattered autumn leaves !
    My glowing screen is bringing me pictures of desperate hurt homeless hungry people reeling from typhoon I can be mindful about the mundane shopping & a heartbeat all we know can change..
    From the wisdom of age I say enjoy all you can,it's the wink of an eye..


  5. The veg look lovely don't they. Oh don't get me wrong the glowing screen keeps us connected, thank you for reminding me of those horrific and scary images really putting it all into perspective. Enjoy all I can, that I will, fleeting it is fleeting ……….love xxxxxxxxxxxx


  6. We are so much more fortunate than others right now in the world. Sometimes it is hard to see it, nice to be reminded though, thank you xx


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