Today is Their Day

Their day, is Friday.

Our day is Friday.

Friday for us is a wonderful spontaneous and free day.

Friday was once his day, it is now their day, to share as brothers.

Before I became a mum of two I spent most Fridays at home with my first born. 
It was our day to play, a day when I would not worry about all the jobs that were waiting be done. I would simply just swim in his guiding current and allow him to set the flow. As my routine of caring for two begins to settle, I have found we have slipped back into that lovely way of life.

I have written about such days here. Since then I have been inspired to continue to record these days of free play. I know how lucky I am to be able to dedicate a whole day to my children. I am also aware that before we know it both boys will be in school and I will be back at full time work dreaming of those lazy Fridays we spent at home enjoying each others company. 

I have decided to begin a new series. It will be posted every Friday and it will be called “Friday is their Day”. Perhaps we can inspire you to do the same, if you have a day of the week that you can dedicate solely to the flow of your children, to bathe in their precious moments.

If you do not have children maybe you can find a day that you can allow yourself to just be ,opening you’re eyes and ears to the world, letting go, in whatever way that may be.

Is that not what life is about, letting go and being in the moment?

We read books, we dance, we have picnics in the garden. 
It usually does not take much, all they want, is for you to give them some undivided attention.

The day usually ends with two tired but happy boys and a happy me with a large glass of red wine celebrating life, the arrival of the weekend and with it time to spend as a whole family. 

I would love if you could join us on this experience.
Hope to See you on Friday

19 thoughts on “Today is Their Day

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  1. Such a lovely thing to be able to do. This year it has been Wednesdays with Mikala. And then on holidays we make up time with her older brother.


  2. Gosh our day changes all the time depending on what they have going on. We all work and go to school during the week so if I had to pick it would be Sunday when we are all home. Funnily enough my favourite time with my boys is when we drive to school. The radio does not work in my car so we chat all the way and catch up on everything. Lovely that you can have those special Fridays and the boys are happy to share 🙂 Cheers, Tanya


  3. Lovely idea Sarah. Its so easy to get caught up so much in the “doing” that I forget sometimes to just sit back and enjoy the experience. Gorgeous pis as usual xxx


  4. What a lovely idea. I love the way you are consciously aware of such precious time with your little ones.

    On a totally unrelated note, I was all kinds of excited and happy to see my little butting in your side bar, thank you so much.

    leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT


  5. What an absolutely lovely idea. My oldest daughter only has one day of preschool a week, so every day, we potter around to not much flow at all…I think that spontaneity. But days do get swallowed up by work I have to do from home, or looking at my phone, or friends coming up. It's a lovely thought to have just one day dedicated to them. x


  6. Great idea, Fridays for us are usually mums group at a park but lately by friday we are all exhausted and end up staying home. I have a heap of craft for the kids to do and the groceries are done so I might just join you tomorrow!!


  7. Thank You Deb. It is really making me mindful to stop and enjoy them and their beautiful precious moments. You are right I know it will be lovely to look back upon these posts when we become too busy and have forgotten how small they once were. Thank you for reading and commenting Deb!


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