My Busy Mind

My head just does not shut up lately.

It seems to have so much to say.
Words, worries, feelings, emotions.

The picture is fuzzy. 
The future, hard to view through the tears.

This week, I am thankful for friends. 

I am also thankful for my decision to “phone a friend”.
Being the type of character I am, I normally retreat, into a hard protective shell, to wallow in the scent of confusion. 
I am standing in the aisle of the supermarket, he is there, as usual, perched upon my hip. 
I am confused by the nappies and multitudes of baby food in plastic pouches. 
When a quiet and timid voice tells me to reach out.
Perhaps I am changing, shedding my shell.
I placed my empty basket back into the rack and walked out through the automatic doors, 
into the balmy air.
She knew I was lost, she persisted on encouraging me to talk. 
This persistence I am very thankful for.

She felt she did not help me, but help me she did. 
My trail to the future had been covered by the tide. 
She held my hand until the water receded, and my path could be seen again.
I took her advice.

I lay upon my bed, 
I forced my tired eyes to read, 
Alas they could not focus, so I simply just lay there.
I am not sure if I slept, I am unsure where my mind wandered, Nor do I know how long I was there.
When I pulled myself out from under the comforting blankets, I felt better.
My thoughts, calmer.
Reading back over this post I now see the theme. 
I did not connect until now. 
Maybe I should just stay away from supermarkets!! 
Perhaps I should go for walks to find more trees like this.
Are you able to phone a friend when you need to ?
Thanking you on Thankful Thursday Rhianna @ A parenting Life.

9 thoughts on “My Busy Mind

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  1. My head is always full of noise – I do not ever phone a friend – but this morning I joined a Yoga class – I had been to yoga many years ago and did not particularly like it – I went in with an open mind and an open heart – my body is not as supple as it was but I can still bend it! When the class was over I stepped outside into the open and looked around me and saw the beautiful landscape that I live in stretched out before me. The classes are being held in an old school that looks down to the valley below – I wondered about the school children who had attended this school – Did they notice the beautiful surroundings and learn from it? There was a very icy polar wind blowing but I did not mind – I just inhaled my surroundings and also made a decision that I would come back next week and continue with the yoga and perhaps the noise might lessen in my head. The Universe shall provide.


  2. What a wonderful tree. More walks certainly sound like good idea. I find walking is always a great way to clear the head. Must just be the time of year for feeling overwhelmed by it all as I could relate very well to all that you spoke of here.

    Thanks so much for joining in #thankfulthursday with me. Sorry for being a day late with the comment love. Hope you are having a fantastic day


  3. There are so many gorgeous tree's in Australia, I especially love the way the sunlight was shinning through that tree. A simple walk is sometimes all we need however quite often it is hard to muster up the motivation. No need to be sorry for lateness I know we have to have a life outside or our blogs! Thank you for the comment luv however. !


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