They Make Her Smile

 A Series

A battle of wills to begin the day, this day of play. No sunscreen, then no outdoor play. 
I put my bare foot down, he dug his small heels into the carpet. There was a standoff. 
His young mind mulled it over for a short time, then he came to me, curly tail between his legs. 
I had won the battle, for now. 

We dragged a blanket out under the shade of a gum tree, the sunlight shone through the branches casting beautiful shadows and shapes upon our soft dinning table. A simple affair, bread, hummus, fruit, muffins. He always enjoys this type of meal, it suits his busy character.
The baby joey leans over as far as his little arms can reach to grab at the carrot and celery sticks on my plate. He soothingly sucks on a celery stick while contently gurgling. 
The cricket song surrounds us as the heat of the day rises. A slight breeze takes the sting out of the harsh Australian sun. 

I allow him to use my camera.  I could be biased but I can see he already has an eye for photography. Perhaps it is simply just a curious child’s eye that he will grow out of, as it becomes tainted by the world’s worries. He takes my photograph, the joey and I. These days I am rarely in front of the camera always avoiding its glaring eye.

A slide and some water, what more could a boy want on a warm day. He creates a waterfall into the tiny pool. I laugh out very loud as he slides down so fast that he becomes airborne. My laughter can be heard in the street. I hear it echoing back to me. 

It then hits me, the realisation,  it has been a long time since I have laughed like this, loud and with all my heart. Perhaps it was not that funny, this small naked red head shooting down that green slide, landing with a thump onto the wet spiky grass. However I think my mind grabbed hold of that opportunity to release, let go and be free. 

We end the afternoon like we do most Friday’s with a dance. A tired joey’s small head on my shoulder, my arms around him as we move to the sounds. His brother dancing in between many costume changes, he just cannot seem to find the right T-shirt. I leave him be, as he discovers his individuality.

Finally a rest. The joey happily lays down in his cot, his bare arms around his soft blue teddy bear, his long and thick black eye lashes rest on his chubby cheeks. We also lie down, a new book to read, a book with a lesson, maybe the lesson was a bit too deep for him. I hear his breathing beginning to slow down, a sleeping rhythm is set. He drifts off, he really needs this rest.
I sneak off to look at the photographs he has taken. There I am. I look relaxed. This photographer really is good. He knows how to make his subjects feel at ease. It is rare these days to see a photograph of myself that I actually like.

So today while swimming amongst their current, we felt the music in our hearts.
I laughed out loud from the depth of my belly and it felt great. 
He took my photograph this small boy, a photograph for them to remember this day.
On their day, when they made their mother happy. 

  I debated for a long time whether to put this photograph up. I like a bit of privacy you see. Then I thought the message was too important and this video helped me make that decision.

Flogging ma Blog on Friday with Gorgeous Grace from WithSomeGrace

10 thoughts on “They Make Her Smile

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day and I am so glad you decided to put the photo up. So lovely to see your face. Though I do get what you mean, the photos of me online are few and far between. Sending some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way


  2. What a pretty post! Enjoy those slow Summer days while your babies are tiny. You write beautifully!
    Jody at Six Little Hearts


  3. Just beautiful. Sounds like the most perfect day. We like to finish the day with a dance too and start the day with one also. Gorgeous pic. I am tentative over sharing pics too, but it can help you make that extra connection with the readers.


  4. It sure is Serene just going with the flow and having fun. Baby has just turned 8 months don't worry he was literally just sucking and then threw it away to put something else in his mouth. In saying that I am definitely much more relaxed with his food journey much more baby led and less stressful you live and learn hey! Thank you for stopping by, hope you are well. x


  5. Thank you Renee!!! It was lovely and it makes for less tantrums when I just go with Mr 3's flow. That is wise advice I know I always appreciate seeing someones picture while exploring their blog. I need to add more “about me” I think. Thank you for stopping by !


  6. Lovely pics. Lovely words. That photo? He definitely has an eye! Loved this line: Perhaps it is simply just a curious child's eye that he will grow out of, as it becomes tainted by the world's worries.


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