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I come from a small green land, a land rich with musicians and rebels, poets and playwrights saints and scholars. A land full of people that are always willing and able to party into the wee small hours. Where craic agus ceol (music and fun) is the national motto. Admittedly this land has changed greatly since I left its wild shores. It has become, faster, bigger, more multicultural. With some wonderful worldly influences beginning to change its beautiful green face. However I think the essence of Irish-ness will never be lost.

I now live in a huge brown land on the opposite side of the world, a land brimming with multiculturalism, unique wildlife and diverse landscapes from rainforest to desert. This land’s people are so relaxed they insist on shortening even the smallest of words. Its newscaster’s are even allowed to shorten their reel, ambo’s and polies the accepted words for paramedics and politicians. I love this about Australia, its casual attitude to life.

After living in Australia for eight years. I had an opportunity to return to my beloved homeland for three whole months with my two young boys, the youngest being only 10 weeks. Why my baby joey was so young when we travelled is another story to tell.

In the northern summer of 2013 we reconnected with my home. My boys made memories with their gorgeous fair headed Irish cousins. Being so young their memories would be hazy, and I knew I wanted to remember this special time.

For almost four years living in Australia I was very very homesick. It genuinely took me a whole four years to accept that this brown land was my new home. In my second year I had decided enough was enough. I was dreaming of home almost every night, people from my past whom I would never ever think of would feature in my dreams. As if  beckoning me back to the mountains and fields of green. I awoke one night at about 3AM, the darkness was messing with my mind. Why is it that three in the morning always seems to be the time when you have a revelation about your life, but you are unable to do anything about it until daylight.

So homesick was I, I visited a fortune teller in the hope of finding my answer. I was drawn to a Russian psychic, with wispy grey hair, bony hands and wolf -like grey eyes. She told me I needed to return home before I would settle. Waking at three am that night I heard a voice, loudly and clearly say to me, “you must go home”, “go home”. I telephoned my family, I told them I wanted to come back. I told them how everyone and everything Irish was enticing me home, pleading me to return to its welcoming shores.

My Dad gave me some words to ponder, words that will always stay with me. Words that hurt me so badly, I still bare the wounds. Like most pieces of advice given to you by someone whom loves you, his words were simply meant to be kind and not cruel. 
He told me to stay where I was. My wise father, advised me to grow up and be strong, to leave behind the emotions and look ahead to a brighter future, for myself and my future children. 
Ireland was going under, and I was better off in this land of opportunity.  This was just before the 2008 world wide recession, and how right our wise Papa was.

Now after 8 years living away I was going to cherish this time at home with my family and my boys. Leaving Daddy kangaroo behind in his homeland we set off on our long haul across the world. We would have three whole months, my sister’s and I, to live nearby and connect as adults, as mothers. I would see my parents every day.

Three months passed and we barely left their local village. So content was I to drive the few miles between their houses amongst the mountains. My family continually asked me if I was bored. This was amazing to me, to have my family so close, that I could pop up for tea and a chat at a moments notice. The scenery is always something I miss and I was reveling in its greenness. I was where I wanted to be, watching him grow stronger every day. That was all I wanted, that was exactly what I had been missing in the last 8 year’s. The every day, the boring stuff that they take for granted. 

My sister’s and I, we have most likely learned much about each other. Our bond has always been strong, but hanging out together as adults with our own children allowed us to see different sides of each other. I knew I wanted to record these special days, I started to keep an electronic diary, an “App” on my phone. Then I started to think about all the photographs I was taking, all those memories frozen in time. One night while having some me time, my boys sleeping upstairs in our cosy loft, I decided on a whim to start a blog.

So that is the story of why I started this blog. Throughout you will find snippets of our ordinary days in Ireland, lazying about, enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery, talking, bickering, laughing, loving and most importantly growing.

I wondered if I would be able to continue to record my days in this way, just living, day to day with my little family back in Australia. Soon after, in October I took on a 31 Day challenge, this really opened up the blogging world to me and I rediscovered my love of writing. 
I would highly recommend anybody taking on such a challenge on their blog if they are looking for direction, it really makes you dig deep. Since this challenge I have discovered the wonderful and inspiring words of others and it has got me totally and utterly hooked.

So please, I would love if you could follow me as we filter through the snippets and spirits of this beautiful life. 

I still have not pondered on my time in Ireland with my boys, I am yet to sort through my thousands of photos, I do feel a story is near however. I feel like I am ready to remember and enjoy.

What is you’re blog story?
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  1. I'm curious to know how you felt about coming back to Australia after a wonderful 3 months at home? Thank you for sharing your story, and those photos are just WOW! What beautiful scenery, surely no one would ever be bored of that?! -Aroha (#teamIBOT was here)


  2. Of all the accents in the world, the Irish is my favourite. We have an Irish friend and I could sit and listen to her reading the phone book (should she ever wish to do this) just to hear her speaking !!!!!
    What a great opportunity for you to go back for 3 months. I too am an immigrant – from South Africa – but I have never been back. Within 6 months of moving here we knew we had made the right decision and, to be honest, I worry that if I go back I won't make it home. It was made a lot easier for us because my parents started sewing and had a stall at craft markets and so they used to come over for 4 weeks every year – paid for by the sewing they did.
    After my brother and his wife moved here on a work visa, my parents looked into a parent contributory visa (at a cost of ~$65k) which means they are here with not much money and have to support themselves for 10 years. Having them here makes the world of difference to me. We are currently looking at acerage so that they can come and live in a second unit with us.
    I love the colour of your boys' curly locks – I hope they like it as much as me when they grow up – it's just magnificent !!!!
    Have the best day and I'm really glad that you have settled in this wonderful country – it truly is a great place to live.
    Love, hugs and positive energy !


  3. Druime, I can definitely relate. No matter how many years I spend away from my motherland, there is still a part of me that longs for it.There is no place in the world like this country which I've grown to love. Still, whenever I travel home to see family back in Malaysia, there is just something so bracing and reviving in just breathing in the air there. It doesn't necessarily smell particularly beautiful or fragrant, but it just smells like home.


  4. I love your story just beautiful. Do you feel happier and more at home in Australia now or do you pine for Ireland all the more?


  5. Beautiful story. What sensational photos. I bet there'll be fragments the boys will remember even though so young. I'm sure some of those gorgeous green hills lie in their blood. Like my scottish ancestory lies in me 🙂


  6. Wow how special is that? And how wise your dad was, I'm sure he wanted you with him but knew what was best for you. Love how you got so much time with your sister in your motherland. How special. I can't wait to read more about your time over there. Ireland is a place I dream of going to, I have many Irish friends and would love to visit them there! xx


  7. Oh what an incredible experience for your boys, and for you to reconnect with your roots! My dad's family are of Irish descent and I'd love to visit one day but our relatives are leaving in droves due to the economic climate so I doubt it will be any time soon 😦


  8. Love hearing people's stories, this was great. Blogging is a great outlet isn't it? Hope you settle back in to Oz ok after so long back home.


  9. Thank you so much Ai! Yes the green is beautiful, admittedly in winter it does start to fade and become brown but there is always beauty to be seen in the Irish countryside. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment! x


  10. A good question Aroha, when I first arrived back I got a dreadful feeling of what am I doing here I really did not expect to feel like that as Daddy kangaroo was waiting for us. But life took over and I am fine now. I will always miss it. Yes the scenery is stunning. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  11. So nice to hear of another immigrant story although ours are happy ones. I can not believe how much you're parents have had to pay for their visa! In the end though I am sure it is worth it as you are all together. How brilliant were they to be so crafty !! Yes the red hair always attracts attention whenever we are out and about he might curse me when he is older, the other little boy with him is his cousin don't they look alike! Thank's so much for your great comment! Good luck with house hunting.


  12. Thank you Ann! Thank you for you're comment. I was having trouble finding you to give the comment love back but I now know where to go. I am changing this comment system to make it easier to find those who have left a greatly appreciated comment. But I thank you for coming back.


  13. Thank you so much Pip! I think you are definitely right my older boy will certainly have fragments of memories from those long summer nights he was bouncing on the trampoline in the 10pm daylight. You have Celtic blood also! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment appreciated.


  14. It was fab and I really wish we could do it all over again, time is so fleeting! Yes it is sad how so many have had to leave, there is one positive though since the crash it has caused people to get back to basics enjoy the simple things and revisit that Irish creativity that runs through the veins of many. Thanks Emma for you're comment!


  15. Thank You Renee, yes as I blog more I become more brave! I feel now I have two wonderful lands to call home how lucky am I?. I have no doubt also that I have taken to blogging so much for the very reason you speak of, an escape from the mummy haze. Thank you for popping over reading and leaving a comment!.


  16. Thank you Tanya. Yeah the green is divine, it is hard but having my own kids has really helped me settle and yes the money I have to factor that into my life going home is so important to me. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.


  17. Tears flow as I read this – and at the same time I feel the need to get going on my planned blog!!! It is just a matter of getting the courage to actually press that magic button and off I go into cyber space.


  18. We moved to Perth at the start of the year from North Queensland. Most of my family lived four hours from us in Townsville but we did have cousins and friends that we would catch up with and drop in on in Townsville. You do take so many things for granted. I really miss sharing holidays with the family and simply being together, and I miss knowing that I could just hop in the car and visit if I wished. I am fairly new to blogging and initially it was just a way to share my journey with family and friends. I don't know where it will go yet, enjoying the ride.


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