Nature my Nurture

I walk out the door.

My car keys rattling in my hand, I have a black bag slung over my shoulder inside; a camera, some money, my phone, a towel and a book. Nothing else. No nappies, no little boy hats, no changes of clothes just in case, no squashed bananas, or drink bottles.

I had made preparations for my time away, as we do. Unlike our male counter parts who can walk out the door without a second thought. I had left some food and milk for the baby. 
I had given instructions. I think he was daydreaming and not listening to my directions. 
However through experience I have become wiser and I now know that if he was not listening he will figure it out. I do not always have to keep those apron strings tied. 
He will find his own way even if it is not my way.

I jump into my car, and in just a few seconds later I am on my way.  Even this is a luxury, no messing around with buckles, bags, buggies. I am so eager to get where I am going I feel like a rocket could not get me there fast enough. Some time to myself, what shall I do? 

I have quite a few options. I know in my heart, in my feet, and in my soul what I need to do. 
I contemplate browsing the shops, this is the last thing my frazzled mind needs, braving the crowds of shoppers buying the next best “must have”. 

I contemplate calling on a friend, some time to chat with a friendly ear may feed my soul. 
No, what I need is time alone, quietness, not having to worry about another beings desires, needs, or wants.

I know what it is I must do. I drive to my favourite place. The weather is a pleasant 24 degrees. 
A breeze adds some coolness to the day and some scattered clouds hide the sun for brief moments at a time. I choose my spot on the beach in between four other women also alone. I wonder if they too are escaping and relishing in their free time.

I have not a minute to spare, I must get into that water. I walk briskly down the shore towards the Ocean, the soft sand warming my feet. My toes reach the lapping waves. I expect them to recoil from its coolness. 
However the aqua blue water is beautiful, cool but exactly what I need to recharge. I keep walking until the sea is level with my chest. I see a wall of foaming seething water heading straight for me. The only decisions I had to make that day were whether to jump above the water or duck below the foaming crests of these waves. 

I duck below the surface, I hear the water churning around me, I feel its cool arms embrace me. 
The wave passes over head. I jump back up to the surface, it is calm again. The Indian Ocean is sparkling all around me. I am in heaven. I feel like it is just the Ocean and I, we are all that exist in the world. 

I have no idea how long I stayed in the water, in this world where only the waves and I live. 
The words “this is F——G amazing keep being thrown about in my mind. I eventually begin to feel cold and venture back onto the shore. I am surprised at how many people are on the beach and in the water. 
So in tune was I with the world, I did not even notice so many others having their moments with the Ocean also.

Do you take the time to nurture you’re soul?

That was the first swim I have had alone, in about 8 months.  
I make a promise to myself to return to the Ocean once a week. 
To nurture my soul with those waves.

This Thankful Thursday I am grateful for that alone time.

I am ever so thankful for a chance to get lost in the music. A trip to a concert with a lovely friend. 
I was inspired by Muse, lost in their instrumentals and his voice and what a trip they took us on.   

I am also very thankful this week for all the lovely comments and “Likes” people have gone to the trouble of leaving on my Blog, and Facebook. It lets me know I am not just talking to myself, and that a connection has been made. So Thank you to You. 

Thank you To Rhianna once again I think finding thanks every week is really worth doing. 

Linking with A Parenting Life Thankful Thursday 

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