A Wee Snippet of Ireland

Almost three months ago we left my green land to return home to our brown land, after an extended holiday with my family. We lived in a little town surrounded by mountains and fields of green. 
We hardly ventured from the protective arms of these mountains in the whole three months that we were there. 
I was happy to just explore this beautiful country side and all the green it had to offer.
 Each morning we woke up to this view.

Two small and gorgeous red headed cousins from opposite sides of the world bonded. 
I think they deserve a story all of their own in another post.

We walked the country roads. Filling our lungs with the sweet fresh country air.

The mountains always there by our side.

We ventured closer to these magnificent walls of granite.

We climbed the hills to capture the stunning view

We had Australian weather grace us for almost three weeks.

A little boy and his best friend always following each other from the breakfast table, out to the picnic table and back.

He had time to bond with his older cousins, they looked after him so well.

Woodstock was where my heart was. I visited this place as much as I could. 
I was drawn to its feel, there was something about those healing trees.

It had an enchanted cottage that captured the imaginations of young and old.

Those mountains and rolling hills always in view

We were Oh Soooo Sad to leave, we will be returning very soon…………….

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