Time alone together

Gratitude, appreciation, mindfulness, awareness

Thursday thankfulness allows me to reflect upon the week that was. As time whizzes past us, and while we are currently caught up in silver tinsel and endless shopping lists. I am thankful for this day that encourages me to appreciate my life, all that I have and all that I must not take for granted. 
I hold his little hand in mine, I love the feel of protectiveness this fill me with, the feeling of pride I have with him by my side. He is excited, he is being treated to some time alone with his Mum. He is need of this one on one time. He has been feeling overwhelmed with jealously lately, at the attention his baby brother has been receiving. Although his three year old mind is yet to comprehend why he has been acting out so much. 

We go to the cafe, people smile at him and comment on his “cuteness”, and as always his tousled red curls. A strawberry milkshake and a blueberry muffin he can hardly believe his luck. He talks about Spiderman and asks me about the old torn posters pasted on the wall behind us. He sees a real fire engine pass by on the road and screams in delight. His noise captures the attention of an elderly lady next to us enjoying her morning tea, she tries to strike up a conversation with him, he speaks too low, I must translate. She watches us as he sits on my knee and I kiss his head.
I am thankful for this Saturday morning when we had some time alone, when we both became renewed in each others company.

I am thankful for connection with my sisters, via email and Skype.  We are all busy, life is hard, free time is precious,  however maintaining that connection is important to us.
All those sunshine smiles beaming through his first ever fever on such a hot day.  All the little du de du’s, the little hmmms and uhhhhs as he agrees with my ramblings in his beautiful baby ears. 
I feel I must mention and give thanks to  the wise and wonderful Nelson Mandela for all that he stood strongly against and all that he stood proudly for.  All the qualities he has demonstrated to us on how we should be in this life.
Respect, Dignity, Equality, Forgiveness and Self Belief.
I am thankful for the Christmas decorations that arrived in the post all the way from Ireland with love. 
This year there were two.
OK I am beginning to sound like Gwyneth Paltrow in her infamous Oscar speech way back in 1999.

Thank you to Rhianna who brings honesty,  humour, butterflies and fairy’s into the blogosphere.
What are you thankful for this week?

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