The Giving Tree.

There is so much in gratitude I could write this week.  
However my heart is telling me to reconnect with nature, keep things simple and get back to basics. 
I feel my head is full of words and ideas lately. At times I feel tortured that I cannot just get these thoughts out of my head at the very moment they form in my mind. I think perhaps I should start carrying a notebook with me at all times. I feel like flood gates have been opened up in my mind and words are spewing out.

Today I had some time alone and something told me to go outside and lie down under my favourite tree. 
I did just that and listened to the world as I like to do from time to time. 
I looked up to see this view.
So this week I am thankful for a tree. I know it is Christmas, but it is not the plastic tree in the corner of our living room. It is not the tree covered in shiny baubles and red hearts, that has brought great joy and excitement to a little boy learning all about Christmas.
This tree is outside my front door. I lay upon my small concrete seat, beneath my tree, in the beautiful cool breeze that has blown in from the ocean. The breeze that I need to wake me up and renew me with hope for the year ahead. This beloved tree has gone from having bare and stark spear like branches, to brimming with green leaves and blossoms of yellow and white oozing the scent of Summer. 
We have recorded this tree’s complete transformation from stark and bare to beautiful and bountiful. 
Now its blossoms fall daily to my feet. Every morning I bend down to pick up a single gift from the generous arms of this tree. I lift this perfect present to my nose and inhale its sweet summer scent. 
There is a smaller version of this glorious tree behind our house, a Frangipani sister that can be seen from a little boys bedroom. I often gaze at this tree and it reminds me of the different childhood my boys will have to the one I had. They will have a suburban childhood full of sun, beaches, surfing. Looking out my childhood window I saw a green field, many trees and a hedgerow keeping the cows from peering in as I undressed. Their childhood will be different, no better, no worse, just different. 

This tree, the Frangipani tree is the sign of summer in Australia.  Blossoming just in time for family celebrations at Christmas.  Perhaps this tree should become our new Christmas tree, a symbol of giving. This tree has so much to give.  Daily I receive from this tree a smell, a memory, a feeling. 
What else could I possibly desire. This tree that evolves from bare to absolutely glorious reminds us we can all begin anew. We can all have a moment to shine if we wait for the right time. 
Thanking Rhianna +A Parenting Life .

Linking with Zanni @ My little Sunshine House for Summer Sun

Do you have a favourite tree?

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