My 2013 in Pictures

I had been finding it hard to reflect upon my year, the year of 2013. 
The main story of course being that we welcomed a new soul into this beautiful world. 
However the year of the snake, has thrown some unexpected venom our way but thankfully there has been some very welcome anti venom to heal the wounds.
I have been tired for most of it, the days and nights have been a haze.
You do not realise how much all the pictures you take on a daily basis actually capture. 
It was not until I looked back on my pictures that I realised I had a story to tell about my year. 
Here is my year in 12 pictures. 
They are not my best but they are the pictures out of thousands that tell the story in the best way.

We await the arrival of a new spirit into our little family while enjoying the last couple of months with it just being him and us and his beautiful toddler ways.

My changing body carries an amazing new life that we will soon be blessed with.

He is now lovingly held close on the outside.

We cannot stop gazing at this precious being. His smiles light up our world.

Mamo forms a bond for life

We fly across the world to a land of full of green, full of love, hopes and dreams.

He turns three surrounded by bright and bubbly cousins.

Strength will prevail.

We try to assimilate back into the Australian way

Two tiny brothers form a bond that the strings of time can never deny.

We learn to let go and just play

December, family time. 
I learn to be thankful for what I have, what I have is more than enough, I hold it close.

Thank you to those whom have followed me from the beginning and the brilliant bloggers along the way that have taken the time to leave such lovely words. 
I have enjoyed finding this space, it is the creative outlet I have been missing.

Here is to 2014 I think it will be a good one. 
I never make resolutions and I rarely ponder upon my goals. 
I go on how I feel and I try to enjoy those moments I will never have again.

Love and Light x

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