The Future

The second of January 2014 what a crazy date. 
I remember as a child pondering on such futuristic dates. 
What would the world be like then? Would we be living in space and getting about in flying cars?  

Yet here I am in 2014, it does not seem all that futuristic. I have a car full of rust but no wings can be seen, we are not quite living in space but our children’s children may have to evacuate there. 
I imagined I would be living in a little cottage by the sea in the West of Ireland with my dog.
I never thought about children and marriage but I know the desire to be a mother was always in my blood, although I rarely spoke about it. As we so often discover life works in mysterious ways and it rarely turns out how you imagined. I now live in suburbia on the other side of the world. 

However life is good, it has treated me well. What I have learned from life is to go with my gut, 
listen to my heart, my heart is the navigator of this expedition. 

So while I may live away from my sisters and parents, this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for the little family we have created here in our small piece of the world. At this time of year there is so much to be thankful for. However I think the most important thing is our loved ones, having them close and holding them tight.

I am thankful for the family time we had over Christmas. We have not had time before to just enjoy the four of us hanging out, laughing, cuddling and dancing. Daddy Kangaroo, EP , our baby joey and Me.  We enjoyed each others company. Things were easier for me during the day with Daddy kangaroo to lend a hand. We work so well as a team, I take a rest while he is on deck, he takes a nap, I can then take over the watch. There was rarely a cross word spoken, we were in sync, our spirits were in harmony.

What are you thankful for today?
Has you’re life turned out the way you imagined? Does anybody’s?
Linking with Rhianna @ A Parenting Life

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