Love Yourself Today

There she is, skin glowing, plump cheeks, long flowing hair.  She is small but petite and likes to wear big shoes. She has good friends and a loving family.
She is having a good time, she is smiling, she is caught up in the moment. A moment that has been captured so perfectly as she is unaware there is a lens pointed at her. Had she known she was being watched she would not have looked so happy and relaxed. She would have appeared nervous unsure how to be.

She worries about her freckly arms, her big boobs, her non existent love handles and her gappy teeth. She sometimes feels inferior because she is so short and thinks that people do not take her seriously. She is quite reserved and much better one on one than in a crowd, always letting the more confident run the show. 

I created a photo wall this Christmas in my kitchen. Every day I like to be able to see all the people I love and those whom I have connected with throughout my life. 
took a stroll down memory lane. Hindsight is a stunning thing. 
This little trip amongst my memories made me realise how utterly imperative it is to love yourself today not tomorrow. 

I look back on my old photos and realise I was not all that bad. Why do we not know this it at the time?
Much of my inner thoughts these days are about how old I am looking, how droopy I am getting, how my clothes are no longer fitting me. I am my own worst critic. However this train of thought simply does not make any sense, because in 10 years time I will be looking back at todays photographs thinking how good I once looked

So the message to myself and to you for 2014. 

Is to love yourself today not tomorrow.

This was my Mama and me, once upon a time.

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