A Life Lesson From a Leaf

Today I am thankful that my mind’s eye is still capable of peering through the fog to gather perspective and gain a true understanding of this life. 

This life flashing before my eyes.
This life that is so fragile.
This life we only get one of.
This life where all that matters is love and laughter.

Children are our perspective.
Children are our teachers.

Sometimes it is hard to put into practice all of the life quotes we hear and read. 
Those perfectly composed sentences that remind us why we should enjoy every moment.
We read them, we nod our heads in agreement, then we forget. We get caught up in the should have, could have, must have. For these quotes on life to be effective we need to read their words every day.

This is why being thankful, grateful and having gratitude every day for those tiny things we could so easily forget is so important. Moments like when the second I open the dishwasher my baby joey comes crawling towards it at top speed grinning like a chesire cat, desperate to pull the dishes down on top of himself. 
I could get annoyed by the fact I can never get this job done and out of the way until bed time, eating into my kid free time. 
However perspective and gratitude allows me to smile and make note to remember this time. 
Before I know it I will be begging him to empty the dishwasher and help his tired Mum out.

This leaf I discovered at my feet while playing hide and seek in the bushes. My Irish self was feeling nervous thinking of all the Australian creepy crawlies that were rearing up ready to sink their fangs into my pale Irish skin. As I cowered behind the small hedgerow waiting for an excited little boy to count to 10. This leaf reminded me how precious our life truly is. This once life giving organ is something I can physically hold in my hand. A quote can be read but my mind forgets it whilst I unpack the dishwasher.
My hand holds this skeleton and tells me to never let go. 
Love, Laugh, Believe and Continue.

I am thankful for perspective.

I am thankful for my beautiful friend that I miss, who suggested that I start to write in a journal. 
She is right it really helps your thought processing.

I am thankful for my Dads perspective that life is about continuing. 

Do life quotes stay with you, help you day to day?
What are you thankful for today?

Linking with Rhianna for Thankful Thursday.

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