One word

We left our hearts at the gate that day. His remained in his own land, mine in a foreign land.
We had spent twelve months hanging out, connecting, traveling, laughing, falling in love.
I had been roaming the world discovering myself, he was discovering the hidden secrets of his own land.

We were young, finding ourselves, seeking our own unique way in life and then we found each other. Heartbreakingly all good things must come to an end, or so we had always been told.
I returned home to my green land on the other side of the world. I tried my best to settle back into normal life. Living out of an actual wardrobe and not a small bag felt so unfamiliar.
Living in the same one horse town day in day out felt disheartening.

Six months had passed. I awoke early on the morning of my 25th birthday. For some reason I felt excited, like a child on her 5th birthday waiting for her party guests to arrive. A swarm of butterflies was fluttering about in my tummy. The morning was foggy, I could hardly see the row of houses across the street, each the exact same as the other. My house mates had already left for work. The house was silent. I dragged myself out of bed. I had been feeling so very lonely. However I was making the most of this new life despite the fact my heart was elsewhere.

I opened the heavy wooden front door about to leave for work. I was feeling sick at the thought of the twelve hours ahead of me in a job I hated, packing shelves and serving disgruntled customers. I could see my breath as I exhaled into the cold morning air. However I felt snug and warm dressed in my pale green boots and my long suede coat. I pulled my fur lined hood up over my ears. 
It was then I noticed a parcel at my feet. That’s Funny I thought to myself, I did not hear any knocking at the door and there does not seem to be any stamps on this box. It was beautifully wrapped in silver paper with a perfect red bow perched on top.

I bent down to pick the parcel up and walked back into the warmth of the kitchen. A smell of burnt porridge still lingered in the air. I placed the parcel on the table and began to undo the red bow. My mind wandering, thinking of what could be inside, a gift to treasure, a bomb or even a body part? A faint sweet aroma filled my nostrils as I tore the silver paper away. My heart was beating fast as if I had just returned from a run around the local park. Inside the box was a plain white card and another smaller parcel. I was beginning to feel nervous but excited.

The card had a familiar sweet scent about it. The smell transported me back to a glorious balmy evening on the beach. I am standing at the shoreline, the cool water kissing my feet, the moon hanging so low I could almost reach out and hug it. Behind me he lays beneath our favourite frangipani tree, eyes closed, hands on his chest dreaming of our future.

I open the card, inside is one sentence printed in silver ink “something small just for you”. My phone beeps a reminder I needed to be at work in ten minutes. How can I leave now?  I pick up the small parcel, it is about the size of a little jewellery box and is wrapped in delicate purple tissue paper. Purple, my favourite colour. 
I carefully tear the tissue paper away to reveal a small black box with a lid. My hands are trembling my heart is in my mouth beating so loudly my ears feel as if they might burst.

Slowly I lift the lid, inside I find a small piece of white paper folded neatly. I carefully open it up.
Written on the paper is one single yet powerful and life changing word. This word was the key to my future.

A word that resonated with me so much I felt faint. 

This gift was something small in size. However in this world where we are all connected something small will always lead to something big. Creating something immeasurable.

In this world where we can have so much, something small can still change a life.

A powerful word to change an attitude.
A smile to brighten a lonely persons day.
A hug letting someone know they are not invisible.
A small gesture of kindness can make a world of difference.

All I needed that day was one single word and I then knew what to do.

Can you guess what my word was?
What would your word be?

Linking with Zanni @ My Little Sunshine House for her Sunshine Sunday’s with the prompt          “something small”. For this I was inspired to write a story.

Flogging My Blog with Grace @ WithSomeGrace.

To find out what my word is read the comments.

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