Give Me All Your Wine

 I had so many plans for today and what I was going to say.
Instead it came out this way.

A day in the life of an overwhelmed Mum.

I prepared and got ahead of time. 
I needed to escape the mundane.
Dinner on the hob by nine.
Tripping over boys and toys.
House torn apart.
Little voice making noise, 
demanding al la cart.
Lunch roughly packed.
Hats, sunscreen, spares just in case
These boys have me whacked.
Sunscreen in eyes and on tongues, tears on his face.
Missing car keys, tries his best to distract.
Baby at my ankles pleading to be embraced.
Time to leave he puts on a hell of an act.
I leave him behind, he comes running in haste.
No shoes have been packed, ground too hot for feet.
Burning wheel turns hands to paste. 
Deep breath before I crack.
A shady spot under the tree a blanket is placed.
Wind blowing, blanket flowing phew we made it this far.
Hunger grows but baby turns up his nose.
Would rather his brothers snack bar.
Baby hands grab, big boy screams as off his bar goes .
Seagulls surround us, swans threaten us.
Mr three thinks he is an olympic swimmer, I play lifeguard.
Baby climbs a wall, large swans break his fall.
Threats of going home bring disregard.
Half chewed figs onto our heads fall.
Dessert for baby, tummy ache for me.
Drunken galah’s laugh with such gall.
Tantrums and tears we pack up and flee.
A shoe missing from our chaotic haul.
Dinner still on the hob now a charred pot of scree.
Some alone time with Mr 3.
We escape to the sea.
No parking, I become confused.
No public access, wrong addressee.
We become less enthused.
Behind a truck we get stuck.
Time is a fleeting. 
Give me all the wine from your truck.
This Mama needs a treating.

Do you feel like me?

Linking with Jess for IBOT @ Essentially Jess
and Eva @Mummy Mondays

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