Sunflower Gratitude

Bright, shimmering, shining, golden, yellow. 

A flower head packed with hundreds of tiny little heads waiting for their chance to shine. 
The outer florets become the petals that give this flower its recognisable face. 
The florets inside become the next generation of bright sunshine worshipers. 
These tiny florets inside the sunflower head grow in a spiral, each floret slightly turned in towards its neighbour. A spiral to ensure survival to pack as many seed bearing florets as possible into the flower head. Nature is exact like this, the maths are nearly always predictable, with 34 spirals one way and 55 in the other. 

Van Gogh saw the sunflower as an emblem of happiness and yellow was his favourite colour. 
He said of paintings in a letter to his sister; “Arranging colours in a painting, to make them shimmer and stand out through their contrasts, that’s something like arranging jewels or designing costumes.” 

Van Gogh painted these yellow delights in many stages of decay to represent his anguish but also his gratitude in this humble and peasant like flower.  My paintings are … a cry of anguish while symbolising gratitude in the rustic sunflower.”

This Thankful Thursday I have also found my gratitude in the sunflower. Perhaps it is Van Gogh’s legacy but I too see this homely flower as a symbol of happiness. 

We planted some seeds for the boys. I barley make the time to wash the dishes these days never mind gardening so our garden is pretty wild. I like wild however, wild is free. 
We wandered out early one morning still in our PJ’s  the heat of the day just starting to roll in.  
I was greeted by this bright and shiny yellow face and it made me smile. It made me feel happy.

This Thankful Thursday I find gratitude in sunflowers.

Gratitude in a special friend, my Australian sister, who allowed us to have our first night out together in about a year where we could eat sticky date pudding and gaze upon the moon.

Gratitude in Daddy kangaroo who is working his butt of to keep his little family afloat in every way.

What are you thankful for today?
Linking with Rhianna @ A Parenting Life.

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Source for flower description

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