There is a Room in My Heart.

Inside my heart, there is a room.
A room that can easily be unlocked.
Open the door and this room is brimming with delicate and silky soft rose petals.
Petals of bright ruby red with a sweet fresh scent that fills my lungs.
These petals have been nurtured by tender loving green fingers.
These petals have been fertilised by the endorphins of pure sweet love.
These petals remain in this room in my heart.
These petals never wither.
Their freshness persists from the day they fell from their rose.
The rose that was given to me by my loved ones.
Those whom are with me no matter how far I have travelled or how long I have been away.
My petals are kept fresh by the power of love that continues to grow in my heart.
My heart is an anatomical feature in my body.
A life giving organ made up of pistons and pumps.
However we all know our heart is so much more.
Our heart is the organ that allows us to hold on.
Our heart is the organ that allows us to believe.
My heart is the organ that allows me to live life to the full.
The room in my heart has walls that can move.
This room can never become too full.
These petals grow in number every day.
I feel their tender flutter as more petals are scattered about the room. 
Each petal, a piece of my heart that I keep for you.

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