The Colours of Our Love

We do not really do Valentines we try not get caught up in yet another commercial excuse to spend money. Buying some little gourmet treat from our local deli is normally how we have an evening together. Not this year. This year he gave me a hug and wished me a “Happy Valentines Day”. To which I reply “I could not give a shit about Valentines Day today”.

I was feeling stressed.

However it was my spirited boy that helped me through it.

“Lets make a card for Daddy” he said.

I sat down with the crayons. How soothing it is to colour in between the lines. I drew a heart, a heart inside a heart inside another heart. I coloured them in each little heart a different colour.

Without planning it each colour represented our personalities perfectly.

I had drawn our precious little family all wrapped up in a heart shaped box.

Love is drawing together with crayons.
Love is creating a picture of our family.
Love is holding them close.
Love is breathing in their strength.
Love comes in many different colours.

These are our colours.

Red is Mummy wrapping her loving arms around her three loves holding them tight with all her strength and passion.

Purple is our creative, magical, mysterious and spirited boy.

Yellow is our sunshine boy who lights up the world with his beaming smiles

Orange is Daddy his encouragement and enthusiasm, the glue that holds us all together. 

Linking with Zanni in her gorgeous Sunshine House

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