If Only

If only I had a streamlined fusiform body and a fluked tail. A caudal fin perfectly designed to propel me through the ocean. If only I had a pair of gills. Feathery organs made up of comb like lamellae. Bright red and bursting with cells to extract life giving oxygen from the water as I drink the salty sea.

With gills and a tail the dolphins could be my friends. I could ask them to take care of my merbabies. Allowing me the freedom to go drift in the warm Leeuwin Current, the highway from the tropical north. 
I could feel my hair flowing free in the salinity streams. The fur seals for company amongst the drifting jellyfish and seaweed. 

If I had gills and a tail I could ride out the storms in my limestone cave. Surrounded by stair-like sponges and coral full of brains. Armed anemone and crabs wallowing in their protective shells. Lobsters patrolling their rocky kingdom, colourful fish painting the walls and shy eels observing it all. 

I could visit strange lands without needing a visa or passport. I could learn the secrets of the earth from the wise and ancient whales. 

These were the kind of things I pondered as a young girl in my bedroom in Ireland. Gazing out the window at the green fields and the enchanted wood planted by my Dads very own green fingers. A giant octopus staring with his large eye his arms stretching from wall to ceiling, painted one day while dreaming of being under the sea. 

My life full of possibilities and exciting prospects.

All grown up now and perhaps that dream has been realised a little. I have not evolved gills or a tail. 
Many, many mistakes I have made along the way. However it was the path I choose for whatever reason that may be. 

I truly believe that there is no point in having regrets. Life is simply way too short. We do what we do at the time. We learn, we grow, we move one. There is no time to beat yourself up. 
Living in the moment is they key. A key that is sometimes hard to find a door to unlock. 
I have always tried to go with my gut and perhaps that is the key to having no regrets.

What regrets do you have?
Do you believe in regrets

Linking with Zanni today in her Little SunShine House for the prompt if only…….

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