The Woman in the Flower Pot

“I am a woman” 

She proudly exclaims before falling into a flower pot.

We laugh of course. These are the kind of things we have been hearing our whole lives. 
Womens rights, female power.

Being cynical teenagers we often took the piss out of her feminist ways. I guess in a way we became bored by the constant reminders of the struggles women must endure. 
She used to escape whenever she could.

Escape to the washing line. That was where she could find peace, one of the few chores she actually enjoyed. The fresh air clearing out the cobwebs. The soothing movement of her hands across the line as she placed the pegs onto the clothes. A sense of satisfaction at seeing all the clean clothes lined up in a row. Behind her the chaos of squabbling sisters gradually being drowned out by her thoughts. 
Her daydreams of escaping with Jane Austen and hanging out with Bob Dylan while sipping on a creamy Guinness. I could never understand why she loved hanging up the washing so much. 
I get it now, I know what it was about, those sacred ten minutes of peace, something to look forward to amongst the constant “I wants”. 

She believes she fumbled through motherhood. Is that not what we all do? 
The bickering girls are now all grown up and have become strong independent women. 
We have all been able to follow our dreams, the dreams we were given the freedom to choose by both our parents

Laugh, we once did when she fell into the flower pot while exclaiming her rights. 
However what she has been doing our whole lives is planting the seed of change.

Change for our future as women.
Change for her granddaughters future as women
Change for her grandsons and how they will treat women.

My sisters and I have found our own unique way in this world. 
We have all fought a battle that perhaps our mother prepared us for from a very young age. 
Our own families, our own careers, lives we have created with the help of those subtle feminist reminders that secretly began to creep under our skin. Influencing our thought processes and decision making.

Instilled in us was a change to create amazing women for the future. 
That is what the woman in the flower pot did and is still doing.

For this I am thankful.

Thankful for the fight that has been instilled in me.

Happy International Women’s Day for Saturday March 8th 2014!

I am thankful for the amazing and supportive women I have in my life through friends and family. Your kindness is appreciated more than you will ever know.

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