Thankful for Moments

Today is Thankful Thursday.
Recently I have so much to be grateful for, I am afraid I will leave something out.
It has been a while.
I thought I would begin to type and just see what comes out.

This week I have regained my focus and clarity the world is becoming beautiful again. 
I cannot tell you what a good feeling that is.
The cuddles with my boys are melting, the kisses are popping and the laughter is sizzling.
The sweetness is returning and the recipe of life is beginning to be rewritten.
How I got here is another story to tell on another day. Where I went to is a place with a label. A label that stumped me and a label that I worked hard to understand and desperately remove. 
In the end the PND label is a label that must be accepted before it can be removed. I am not yet ready to share the journey. I am not yet at the end but I have the map and I can see my final destination

I am grateful for little moments that I want to package into a box with a lock. A tiny boy, his bulging nappy, his pudgy legs good enough to eat. His t-Shirt splattered in food, no shorts, a dirty face, a thin wisp of hair standing to attention on the top of his head. I am eating my dinner. He runs around the table laughing his sweet head off, I say boo as he passes behind my chair. He laughs with all his soul and tumbles as he becomes overwhelmed with the weight of his laughter. Up he gets, round again, boo says you, and the beat goes on……………

This Thankful Thursday I am in love with the little moments, grateful that I can again see and feel the joy. 


Enough about me what about you?
Are you enjoying the moments?

                                        Thankful Thursday with Rhianna +A Parenting Life 

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